Platt Bridge now 1 lane each way for 2 years

Posted: February 29, 2012

With the last barriers put in place overnight, the Platt Bridge is scheduled to remain one lane in each direction for more than two years.

The new traffic pattern is sure to cause backups and delays, so motorists are advised to find alternate routes or allow extra time.

The bridge, a popular link to I-95 and Philadelphia International Airport, had been carrying an average of 56,000 vehicles a day on Penrose Avenue/Industrial Highway (Route 291) over the Schuylkill between South and Southwest Philadelphia, according to PennDOT.

During construction, schedule to tast till June 2014, the speed limit will be just 35 miles per hour.

A series of nighttime closures began last week to put the concrete barriers in place.

Sometimes, if needed, even the single lanes might be closed between midnight and 5 a.m.

The closures are part of a $43 million project to make needed repairs to the 61-year-old span, originally called the Penrose Avenue Bridge.

Besides painting, the work includes "rehabilitating and resurfacing the center truss spans; resurfacing the concrete approach spans; repairing structural steel; replacing expansion joints; repairing concrete piers; replacing guide rail; and replacing damaged pedestrian railings," according to PennDot.

Pedestrians can continue to use the bridge throughout the project.

Eighty percent of the funding comes from the federal government, the rest from the state.

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