Sideshow: Moore on portraying Palin

Posted: March 07, 2012

Julianne Moore opened up about her new role on MSNBC's Morning Joe Tuesday. The highlight may have been a snippet of her forthcoming HBO movie Game Change, based on the 2008 presidential election. Moore's portrayal of former Republican VP nominee Sarah "Barracuda" Palin is even uncannier than Tina Fey's Saturday Night Live stint - and far more serious. Host Joe Scarborough asked, "What's it like hearing from Sarah Palin, who hasn't seen the film yet, that you guys are doing a hit job on her?" Moore said she prepared for the role by reading Palin's book Going Rogue and listening to her speeches and media appearances: "If I didn't quite understand something in a scene, I'd go back and try to find her own language, things that she'd actually said . . . emotionally, it was important to represent her point of view." On the stresses of Palin's whirlwind rise to the candidacy, Moore said, "She was in a particularly, I think, untenable situation."

Ex-FLOTUS frowns on 2012 race

Barbara Bush proclaimed the current presidential election the worst in her lifetime at a Dallas conference on Monday, The Dallas Morning News reported. "I hate that people think compromise is a dirty word," the octogenarian icon said, drawing applause from those in attendance. "It's not a dirty word."

3-D alien-busting, Big Willie style

Philly's Will Smith answered questions about the first Men In Black installment in a decade, due in May. "After you play a character twice, it's almost like riding a bike," Smith said via Yahoo!'s Movie Talk. "A pretty black bike." In the third film, to be in 3-D, Agent J discovers that his partner, Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) no longer exists and travels to 1969 to save him.

Back to Pink

Bucks County native and Grammy-winner Pink(real name Alecia Moore) announced a new album and a change of hair color via Twitter, according to E! Online. The new record will be the singer's first since 2008's Funhouse, which featured U.S. No. 1 single "So What." And based on a photo she posted, the 32-year-old artist is reverting to the pink-colored hair that appeared on the covers of her first albums more than a decade ago.

Tupac musical headed to Broadway

The work of Tupac Shakur, the influential rapper killed by unidentified gunmen in 1996, will find new life on Broadway in Holler If Ya Hear Me, a musical based on Shakur's discography. Three-time Tony winner Kenny Leon will direct the show, which began casting this week, reported. The release date had not been announced. "I always thought that Tupac was a prophet, and I thought if everybody could hear his words and hear his stories, they would see what I see," Leon told PBS in a November chat.
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