Petition to bring back The Fuzz

Posted: March 07, 2012

He wasn't twirling his nightstick on a street corner, or personally checking to see if scooters were secure, but whenever Philadelphia Police Detective Joseph Murray was on Twitter, some of his followers felt like he was right outside their door, keeping them safe and informed in 140 characters or less.

Amara Rockar has never met Murray, of Southwest Detectives, but she misses him and even helped start a petition to get him tweeting again.

Murray hasn't tweeted to his 600-plus followers from @TheFuzz9143 for almost two months after being told he must get permission from Commissioner Charles Ramsey to use his official title on social media sites.

"He really humanized the Philadelphia Police Department, which is not something you hear often," said Rockar, 26, of West Philly.

Wednesday morning Rockar and other followers got some good news when Ramsay's spokeswoman, Karima Zedan, promised Murray would "be back online in the near future".

"Detective Murray's intentions were and are very good. We asked him to temporarily stop so that we could engage in our social media efforts in a consistent manner across the whole Department. I'm sure he will provide an excellent model for others to follow," Zedan wrote in an email.

Murray would often tweet when suspects were apprehended, or whether burglaries were related, or when something alarming turned out to be false.

Rockar worries that Murray, when he comes back, might be censored by new social media policies.

"The way he was doing it before, he felt like a real part of the community," she said.

Zedan said other officers would also be using Twitter and that the department would be launching a new, community-oriented blog along with a mobile site for smartphones.

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