Big East Football Timeline

Posted: March 08, 2012

1991: Eight teams played in the inaugural season of Big East football. Five schools - Rutgers, Miami, Temple, Virginia Tech and West Virginia - were added to the three conference members who played Division I-A football - Syracuse, Pittsburgh and Boston College.

1995: West Virginia and Rutgers joined as full members in all sports.

2000: Virginia Tech added as a full member in all sports.

2003: Virginia Tech and Miami played their final football seasons before moving to the Atlantic Coast Conference.


-- Big East football had only seven teams. Temple, which was a football-only member, played its last season in the league.

-- Boston College also played its last season before moving to the ACC.

-- Connecticut played its first season after elevating from Division I-AA.

2005: Louisville, Cincinnati, South Florida, Marquette, and DePaul joined from Conference USA. Marquette and DePaul do not play football.

2010: Texas Christian joined as an all-sports member, effective in 2012-13 school year. The school then changed its mind without ever playing a game and joined the Big 12.


-- In September, Syracuse and Pittsburgh said they would leave for the ACC, beginning in 2014.

-- In October, West Virginia said it was leaving for the Big 12, effective for the 2012 football season, touching off a legal dispute. The sides settled, meaning the Big East had only seven football schools for the 2012 season.

-- In December, Boise State and San Diego State announced they were leaving the Mountain West for the Big East in football only, beginning in 2013. Central Florida, SMU and Houston said they were leaving Conference USA to join in all sports in 2013.


-- In January, Navy announced it would join the Big East for football only beginning in 2015.

-- In February, the Big East added Memphis in all sports beginning in 2013.

-- In March, Temple is invited to join in football in 2012 and all sports in 2013.

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