Letters: Defending Rush Limbaugh

Posted: March 15, 2012

ON THE ISSUE of Rush Limbaugh, Sandra Fluke and government-funded contraception, here are a few cold, hard facts:

Fact: Sandra Fluke is a longstanding left-wing political activist who was recruited by Nancy Pelosi to testify before Congress regarding this issue.

Fact: Free contraception is already available, to anyone who wants it, in every state in our union.

Fact: Those who say they cannot afford contraception are, in fact, liars, since it costs only about $9 a month at Walgreens.

Fact: This entire issue is not about contraception, just as the entire issue of government-run health care is not really about health care. It's about government control over our lives, which, of course, gives the government control over our money, which is the Obama administration's ultimate goal.

And, finally, Big Fact: Rush Limbaugh has nothing, I repeat, nothing to apologize for. He was merely commenting on the absurdity of Fluke, who testified before Congress of her desperate need to have taxpayers pay for her sex life.

Limbaugh, is, of course, a master satirist, and used an absurd, hypothetical scenario to illustrate, once again, the absurdity of the liberal left and their agenda. If anyone deserves an apology, it's Limbaugh, whose only crime is being the Yoda of conservatism, and speaking the truth.

Stuart Caesar


So, Rush Limbaugh called a woman a nasty name. Boo-hoo. Just look at the vile, filthy names the left has called conservative women! Oh, it's OK for them, huh? This Fluke person was a White House "plant" to begin with. Anyone who thinks otherwise, I have a bridge to sell you.

The left is so jealous of the right, they can only resort to insults. They have nothing else. Most of America is against paying for others' sex lives. If these women want to sleep around, go right ahead. But don't expect America to pay for it.

It is quite sad that President Obama wants this for his children. He doesn't care that they have sex while in college? What decent father can condone this? But, then again, Obama is far from a decent man. His daughters seem like lovely children. Pity they will grow up with the parents they have. Why don't Mr. and Mrs. Obama teach their children restraint? Morals? This is just another of Obama's Marxist ideals.

What a shame.

Pat Dougherty


We're being tested

Never mind teaching kids for the sake of knowledge. Just teach them to take the test. Although, if that doesn't work, simply change their answers, so the school will benefit.

After all, what's more important?

JoAnn Lee Frank

Clearwater, Fla.

No I.D.? No, more I.D.

Your story "Mugging Voters" took a negative view of the proposed law requiring photo ID to vote. As your story in the same issue about the Photoshopped Coca-Cola ad reports, it is easy to fake a photo.

We need real voter security that would be available with fingerprinting and DNA samples of each voter. We should require re-registration to establish fingerprint and DNA databases. In fact, we need a waiting period to establish that each voter really wants to vote (and to allow perfect DNA results from the state lab).

I wonder if there isn't some probe like an ultrasound to determine the faithfulness of the voter's heart.

As an active member of the Green Party, I am used to this kind of hyper-examination of my right to vote for candidates from my party and would welcome similar standards on all voters.

Alexander Gillett