Phillies teeming with popularity

Posted: April 06, 2012

FORGET TWITTER followers and Facebook friends. In baseball, popularity is determined by jersey sales, and the Phillies are among the leaders.

According to a list released by Major League Baseball, the Phillies had four players among the top 11 in jersey sales.

The Yankees' Derek Jeter was first, followed by Cliff Lee at No. 2, Roy Halladay at No. 5, Hunter Pence at No. 9 and Chase Utley at No. 11.

Pence played with Astros until late July, and his sales reflect jerseys sold from both teams.

The list:

1. Derek Jeter, Yankees

2. Cliff Lee, Phillies

3. *Albert Pujols, Angels

4. Josh Hamilton, Rangers

5. Roy Halladay, Phillies

6. Tim Lincecum, Giants

7. Dustin Pedroia, Red Sox

8. Ryan Braun, Brewers

9. Hunter Pence, Phillies

10. Buster Posey, Giants

11. Chase Utley, Phillies

12. Joe Mauer, Twins

13. Justin Verlander, Tigers

14. Adrian Gonzalez, Red Sox

15. Alex Rodriguez, Yankees

16. Ian Kinsler, Rangers

17. Robinson Cano, Yankees

18. Mariano Rivera, Yankees

19. Carl Crawford, Sox

20. David Freese, Cardinals

*Played with Cardinals last season.

Alarming situation

Angels rightfielder Torii Hunter got a bit of a surprise after returning from practice on Tuesday.

Hunter was in his home in Newport, Calif., when cops arrived and drew their guns on the nine-timer gold-glove winner.

Seems the police were responding to an alarm Hunter had triggered while entering his mansion.

Tweeted Hunter: "They didn't believe I lived here in Newport Coast so they walked me upstairs at gunpoint to get my ID. When I showed him my ID, he said I'm an Angel fan hope u guys have a great season. ARE U KIDDING ME!!!!!! Lol."

Blast from past

Thirty-eight years ago today, Mike Schmidt belted a ninth-inning two-run walkoff off Mets closer (and future teammate) Tug McGraw to lead the Phillies to a 5-4 win on Opening Day at Veterans Stadium.

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