Lansdale cops round up 34 in underage drinking bust

Posted: April 13, 2012

Police in Lansdale Borough have arrested 34 young people as part of a crackdown on loud, underage drinking parties, the department said today.

"We have never tolerated underage drinking, but this is one of our biggest underage arrests that I can recall in my 20 years with the department," said police Sgt. Alex Kromdyk.

Officers responded to the report of a noisy party on Friday, April 6, at 11:40 p.m. in the 200 block of Pennbrook Avenue, Lansdale, after neighbors complained of a disorderly gathering next door.

As police approached, partygoers began to flee, Kromdyk said.

Officers discovered a large number of minors who they said had consumed alcohol, including beer and rum.

Kromdyk said the following were arrested and charged with one count of underage drinking, a summary offense:

William Keyete, 19, 1900 block Eagle Way, Hatfield

Matthew Bookheimer, 19, 700 block Spruce St., Lansdale

Martin Hensel, 18, 1300 Gwynedale Way, Lansdale

Juvenile female, 16, 100 block Sassafras Dr., N. Wales

Michael O'Leary, 18, 100 block Swartley Dr., N. Wales

Nina Rinedoller, 18, 900 block Crest Rd., Lansdale

Alexa O'Herrick, 18, unit block Lincoln Ave., Lansdale

Charlie Price, 18, 2000 block Rebecca Dr., Hatfield

Christopher Hartman, 18, 100 block Cove Dr. Montgomeryville

Daisey Hedge, 19, 1900 block Maple Ave., Hatfield

Riley McFadden, 18, 1900 block Line Lexington Rd., Hatfield

Juvenile male, 17, 2800 block Denbeigh Dr., Hatfield

Juvenile female, 17, 500 block Horshoe Curve Dr., Lansdale

Jacob McFarland, 20, 700 block W. Third St., Lansdale

Kelsey Cashatt, 19, unit block S. Main St., Hatfield

Shannon Kelli, 18, 200 block S. Main St., Hatfield

Juvenile female, 17, 300 block W. Broad St., Hatfield

Shaquiel Tucker, 19, unit block Barlow Place, Souderton

Evan Buzzard, 19, 400 block Swedsford Rd., N. Wales

Caitlyn McCormick, 19, 100 block Gwynmont Dr., N. Wales

David Bond, 20, 2700 block Supplee Circle, Hatfield

Jonathan Hessler, 19, 800 block Pennbrook Ave., Lansdale

Adam Bauer, 19, 1600 block Supplee Rd., Hatfield

Courtney Thom, 20, 100 block Field Terrace, Lansdale

Steven Anderson, 20, 1100 block W. Thomas Rd., Lansdale

Evan Breder, 18, 100 block Canterbury Lane, Lansdale

Garn May, 20, 800 block Wedgewood Dr., Lansdale

Juvenile male, 17 200 block S. Sixth St., N. Wales

Juvenile male, 17, 300 block Norman Ave., Hatfield

Jenna Faccenda, 18, 600 block Weikel Rd., Lansdale

Juvenile male, 16, 100 block Forrest Trail Dr., Lansdale

Juvenile female, 17, unit block Morning Side Dr., Lansdale

Kyle Cortellini, 19, 800 block Winston St., Hatfield

Earl Grant, 18, 100 block Sunrise Dr., Montgomeryville

All were cited under the section of the state crimes code that deals with drinking infractions.

If found guilty of a first offense, they could face suspension of their driving privileges for 90 days and a fine of $25 to $300.

If found guilty of a second offense, they could face a year's suspension of their driver's license and a fine of up to $500.

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