9-9-9 and all that baggage.

Lingo that leapt out during campaign

Posted: April 15, 2012

WASHINGTON - Nothing fades faster than a primary campaign's losing slogans and all-the-rage moments. Remember Rick Perry's big "oops"? Rick Santorum's sweater vest? Before it's all lost, here's a look back at the lingo of the race for the Republican nomination:

Trump for President - "The Donald" fired himself from the race early. He could have won, Trump declared, but business comes first.

Oops - All Perry could say in a cringe-worthy debate moment when he couldn't come up with the third federal department he wanted to eliminate.

Sarah Palin 2012 - Really? Nah, that bus tour through Iowa and New Hampshire was just foolin'.

John Wayne Who? - Michele Bachmann mistakenly congratulated Waterloo, Iowa, for being the birthplace of John Wayne. The town was home to serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

Self-deportation - All-but-sure nominee Mitt Romney's solution to the problem of millions of illegal immigrants, offered during a Florida debate.

Food stamp president - Gingrich's nickname for President Obama, as more jobless people joined the rolls.

9-9-9 - Former pizza CEO Herman Cain was touting his plan for income, corporate and sales taxes.

Sweater vest - RickSantorum put one on in Iowa and nearly overnight it was his "official wardrobe."

Back to the Gold Standard - Ron Paul is still primed for that return trip, right after he fires the Federal Reserve.

Moon base - The other guys mocked Gingrich for saying he would colonize the moon.

You are the same height as my wife - What Cain recalled telling an employee who included the close encounter in her sexual-harassment complaint.

Open marriage - What one of Gingrich's ex-wives said he had sought from her. He denied her story.

Baggage - Gingrich's political and personal past began to weigh him down when pro-Romney ads jeered, "Newt has more baggage than the airlines."

Airtight kennel - Where Romney said his dog used to love to travel, strapped to the top of the family car.

The dangers of contraception - Santorum said he would warn the nation as president. Democrats warned women about him.

A couple of Cadillacs - What Romney said his wife drives, provoking another round of jokes about his wealth.

$2.50 per gallon - Gingrich pinned his comeback hopes on the nation's thirst for low-cost gasoline.

Phony theology - The basis of Obama's environmental policies, Santorum said.

Etch A Sketch - Romney can shake off the primaries and start the fall campaign like a clean Etch a Sketch, his spokesman said.