Posted: May 19, 2012

Re: “She’s Pro-Prez” letter:

I am so sick and tired of reading liberal garbage letters like Barbara Ziccardi’s, which puppet the same lie that Republicans, and Mitt Romney in particular, are only for the rich, and Obama is for the middle class.

Mitt Romney has done more to help the poor and middle class than Obama has or ever will. Mitt Romney has taken many businesses with one foot in bankruptcy court — including many middle-class workers who would have had one foot in the unemployment line — and turned those businesses into surviving and thriving companies which not only saved jobs for many middle-class workers, but provided new jobs for other workers.

Mitt Romney is known for giving money to those much less fortunate than he is. He has donated tens of millions of dollars to charity throughout his life. When a single mother’s heat was shut off just before Christmas, Romney personally brought firewood to the woman’s home. He didn’t pay anyone else to do it. He did it himself. There are numerous stories like this out there, and many more untold, in which Romney has personally given his own time and money and effort and resources to help people less fortunate. When he did these things, there were no cameras around. There was no campaign going on. He did it because he wanted to help others. Ms. Ziccardi would know this if she bothered to truly find out about Romney.

It is so frustrating reading letters from people like Barbara Ziccardi. These people have no clue what’s going on. They have no intellectual curiosity to find out what Romney has done in his life. Instead, they are content to be ventriloquist dummies for MSNBC and the other members of the liberal media.

Yeah, Obama is so much for the poor and middle class. Why, the poor and middle class were all lined up at George Clooney’s house recently to give Obama $15 million, weren’t they? The number of jobs that are out there are shrinking because of Obama’s anti-business policies, which have made it harder for people to open businesses, expand business, keep their businesses open and retain workers.

Todd Cohen


Re: If major money is so bad (for Republicans), why is it good for Democrats?

The Obama team has made an issue of claiming that the Republicans are the “detestable rich guys,” therefore untouchable.

But Barack Hussein Obama’s team has taken in far more donations from the rich, as witness the $2 billion loss at J.P. Morgan, which gave plenty to our president.

So who are the stooges?

Our president accepts huge donations from the wealthiest (including George Clooney and Robert DeNiro, in Hollywood), as well as from Wall Street, and Comcast, George Soros, William Gates (world’s richest), Warren Buffett, etc.

Where are the media to point out this deceitful propaganda?

Both sides solicit big money, not just the (rich) Republicans.

The Obama team does not have the high road, as it claims.

Jerry Boris


For all those who think that Mitt Romney would be a better president than Barack Obama, here are a few facts :

Romney is for the few, by the few. He will return us back to the same Bush policies that got us in this mess in the first place. Romney continues to support massive tax cuts for the rich, zero accountability for Wall Street and reckless foreign policies that would keep our troops in Afghanistan indefinitely. And, to reiterate: The new voter-registration laws are just to keep a certain group of people from voting.

Wake up, America, we cannot afford to go back. Look at Barack’s record and don’t vote against your own interest. Ray Charles could see what the Republicans are up to. We have a choice this coming election and I hope everyone uses their vote wisely.

Pamela Boyer


Corner of Hate & Monger

Re: “Why the hatemongers at 15th & Market?”:

Well, Kim, I believe this country was built on all forms of freedom of expressions, and they are exercising their rights. If you like them, or you don’t like them — and from your letter one would say that you don’t — everyone in this country has a nationality even though God loves all living things, so maybe they are teaching what has to be taught to the masses. Even if it’s positive or negative, there is something to be learned from them.

Peace to all mankind

Damon Grimes


I’ve been working in and out of Center City for many years, and that group of ignorant fools preaches its brand of hate all over the city. The reason they get away with it is because we more intelligent people just walk on by and ignore them. Since no one formally complains about them they are allowed to continue to prey on the weak-minded and spread their brand of racism all over the city. Now, just think of the problems there would be if, say, the KKK were there every Friday preaching that drabble against the black man; then something would be done about it and very quickly, too, I would imagine!

James F. Ryan


Re: “Firefighters red-hot over City Hall’s indignities”:

Mayor Nutter and Deputy Mayor Gillison, could you please respond to Bill Gault, president of Local 22? If what I read is true, that is deplorable. Firefighters should be treated as well as our police officers. They both put their lives on the line for us. I don’t see you guys doing that. That is petty for them to be reassigned because they got hurt.

To Bill Gault, please keep us citizens informed. Thank you guys for all your hard work — and be safe out there.

Bobby LaVelle


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