Phillies' Manuel and umpire draw one-game suspensions

Umpire Bob Davidson gives as good as he gets from Charlie Manuel. He got a one-game suspension, too. DAVID MAIALETTI / Staff
Umpire Bob Davidson gives as good as he gets from Charlie Manuel. He got a one-game suspension, too. DAVID MAIALETTI / Staff
Posted: May 19, 2012

Charlie Manuel wouldn't come out and say he deserved his one-game suspension as a result of his nose-to-nose altercation Tuesday night with umpire Bob Davidson, but the Phillies manager wasn't publicly criticizing the decision, either.

As it turns out, both Manuel and Davidson got the night off Friday.

Both received one-game suspensions stemming from an on-field incident in the top of the eighth inning of Tuesday's 4-3 Phillies win in 10 innings over the Houston Astros at Citizens Bank Park.

Manuel was able to meet with the press before Friday's game with the visiting Boston Red Sox, but then he had to depart the clubhouse and his office, but not the premises.

Phillies bench coach Pete Mackanin took over for Manuel.

In Tuesday's game, Manuel was ejected by Davidson in the eighth inning after Phillies lefthander Cliff Lee struck out Jason Castro. The ball bounced past catcher Brian Schneider, and the Astros catcher reached first base safely on a dropped third strike.

Manuel and Davidson then got into an obscenity-laced argument.

According to a Major League Baseball official, it was felt that both Manuel and Davidson "crossed the line."

In an unusual move, MLB announced Davidson's suspension, citing it was for "repeated violations of the Office of the Commissioner's standards for situation handling."

Manuel would neither endorse nor criticize the decision to suspend him, but said he understood the reasoning.

"It didn't surprise me," Manuel said. "Kind of both of us were doing the same thing, I guess."

What Manuel wanted was an explanation, and he said he got it from Joe Torre, MLB's executive vice president for baseball operations.

"I wanted to know why, and for them to tell me what I did," Manuel said in seeking an explanation from Torre. "At least he listened to me."

Manuel then made sure to keep his comment politically correct.

"They have procedures and it was done the way they felt best, and I have to be accountable for something if I did something that wasn't right," Manuel said.

Manuel insisted that he didn't feel any extra vindication because Davidson was also suspended.

The Phillies manager then gave an opinion on umpires that drew laughs.

"I been around umpires a long time and never said I liked them," he said. "Some of them I like better than others."

Manuel then turned totally serious.

"They have a tough job," he said.

For one night both Manuel and Davidson were out of a job.

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