Umenyiora's auction intentions don't ring true

Posted: May 22, 2012

ON FRIDAY, we reported that former Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor was auctioning his Super Bowl XXV ring because he needed cash.

That turned out to be wrong.

A representative of Taylor told Fox Sports that the Hall of Famer had given the ring to his son, TJ, and was unaware that it was being sold.

Another person unaware of that fact was Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora, who we also wrote about on Friday.

Umenyiora had admitted it was insensitive to think that comparing LeSean McCoy to a woman was an insult. Osi, who has a long-running feud with LeSean, had wished McCoy a Happy Mother’s Day, tweeting that the Eagles running back should “Enjoy your special day!!”

Now, it’s Monday and we find that LT and Osi are once again sharing space in High & Inside.

It seems Umenyiora promised to buy LT’s ring – and return it to the Hall of Famer – if his number of Twitter followers surpassed 500,000.

Osi gained more than 30,000 nit-twits, but topped out at a little over 55,000 – a tad short of a half-millon.

The winning bid for the ring was over $200,000.

Maybe we’re cynical, but couldn’t Umenyiora simply outbid everyone without putting conditions on it?

After the bidding, Umenyiora tweeted: “Well i guess we didnt make it to 500k for LT. But i appreciate the people who tried. #respect# you can now unfollow me.”

As if people need his permission.

A-plus for Kitna

Two seasons ago, quarterback Jon Kitna helped lead the Dallas Cowboys to a 30-27 win over the Eagles.

Nowadays, he’s teaching math at Lincoln High School, his alma mater. He also helps monitor workouts in the school’s weight room.

Kitna, who retired after last season, said his 16 year NFL career provided well for his family and that it’s now time to give back.

“We don’t believe that we’ve been given all we’ve been given to just enjoy a comfortable life,” he told the Seattle Times’ Danny O’Neill. n

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