Why no excommunications in priest abuse cases?

Posted: May 23, 2012

I know that I am not the only person who is angered at the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s type of sentencing of Reverends Mazzotta and Campbell, because I am sure that they did not have only one encounter of child molestation — it was only one “reported” encounter for each priest, who should be excommunicated from the Church. To my knowledge, no priest/molester has been excommunicated from the Church, as the Church has taken steps to excommunicate abortionists, murderers or anyone else who intentionally deviates from Church teachings.

In the New Testament, Jesus tells his Apostles to forgive sins as He does, so we, the laity are relieved of having to forgive the Mazzottas and Campbells in the clergy. However, we, the laity, also have the right to refuse to financially support those subjected to the Penance sentencing in Darby where we are not totally isolated from the priest-molesters. Treating these priests as criminals should be what we should be doing within the Archdiocese and within the Church. If new rules have to be put into place, then so be it for the laity’s sake.

Moreover, the church should also consider enacting laws for the security of its laity, if the Church sees the laity as the financial support for its future. It is my hope that others, outside of the victims of these priests, will look upon these priests as the criminals that they are — forget that the priests were consecrated. Their acts went beyond sexual perversion — they’re liars, and they deceived their flocks to believe that they were continuing the work of Jesus Christ. Their fraud should be punished. Their theft by deception should be condemned. And any other criminal act should be administered by the (lay) courts, not an Archdiocesan report.

There are too many people in our prisons who have been sentenced to much harsher conditions for less than these sleazy priests for them to avoid what other child molesters get.

Put these priests in prison!

Celeste A. Morello


Nothing but net

After yet another early exit in the playoffs by the Flyers I have to wonder when the Flyers front office and scouting staff are going to draft a good goalie prospect in the entry draft.

If you look at the most successful eras in their history, under such coaches as Fred Shero, Pat Quinn and Mike Keenan, it was the goaltending that always made the difference with these teams. Goalies such as Bernie Parent, Peter Petters and the late Pelle Lindbergh — and, if you remember, Petters and Lindbergh were both drafted by the then front office in the entry draft.

Do your homework, Paul Holmgren and scouting staff!

Thomas Mullen Glenolden, Pa.

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