What They Said Saturday Night

Posted: May 29, 2012

Here is what some of the 76ers and Celtics said after Saturday night's 85-75 Celtics victory in Game 7 of the NBA's Eastern Conference semifinals in Boston.

76ers coach Doug Collins

"When we don't get fastbreaks, it's tough to manufacture our offense. I thought we did much better in the second half. They hit us with a 10-2 run, and I think we did a good job weathering that. I was concerned about if they hit us in the mouth early, especially in a moment like this. We fought back, which I thought was good, but we just never could get over the top."

76ers guard Jrue Holiday

"There are a lot of reads that I missed, a lot of turnovers that I hold myself accountable for. I think I could have been better for my team. But I think the best part, for me learning, was to be aggressive, trying to attack the rim . . . and just getting what the defense gave me."

76ers forward Elton Brand

"[The Celtics] didn't want to lose in the second round, face those questions, the Big Three, and age and stuff like that. And we wanted to grow up and put them out. That was our goal - put them out. We couldn't do it, so they survived this one. So hopefully we learn from it, take our bumps, and everyone is going to get better. And we'll see what happens next year."

Celtics coach Doc Rivers

"[The 76ers] are a tough basketball team. I don't think people gave them their respect all year. I think people forgot after 25 games that they may have been the best team in the league for a while, and they hit hard times. And [Collins] kind of gathered that team back. They're difficult to play against and a classy group. You know, I'm a big fan of Doug Collins. Somebody had to lose, and that's how you feel when you coach against a friend like that. But that is a well-coached and well-prepared team."

Celtics guard Paul Pierce

"It was a challenge. You know how Philly played in the series, I've really got to take my hat off for them. You know it sure did seem like they were an 'A' team the way they played, the way they came out and fought every night, the way they showed resiliency. They are tough-minded. They have all the top qualities of a top team. I think next year they'll go very deep. I think next year they'll be near the top."

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