Actress Zhang Ziyi assailed as high-class call girl in political scandal

Zhang Ziyi‘s rep is denying the $100 million sex rumor.
Zhang Ziyi‘s rep is denying the $100 million sex rumor.
Posted: June 01, 2012

Zhang Ziyi, the beautiful actress from "Memoirs of a Geisha" and "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," is demanding an apology from the Apple and all the other "news" outlets that reported that she played a part in the sex scandal involving Chinese politician Bo Xilai.

The scandal rumors — from E! News, which cited the Hong Kong newspaper the Apple Daily, which cited the website, but none of which cited an actual source — claimed Zhang had been paid $100 million for sex with many well connected, rich guys.

Let’s face it, for $100 million, even a geisha has to do a lot of crouching.

But Zhang’s rep told E! News: "The accusations made against award-winning actress Zhang Ziyi are completely false and defamatory. There is no truth in any of the allegations that have come forth which are a result of calculated cruel intentions against a well-respected established actress. Legal repercussions are ensuing and these scandalous reports will not be tolerated in any way."

Wizard World Week

The Wizard World preview by the People’s Paper’s comic-book writer, Jerome Maida, appears on Page 46. Here are a few highlights from his interview with Scott Bakula (Captain Archer of "Star Trek: Enterprise"), who will be at the con with all four other captains.

"I had a deal with Paramount at that time," Bakula said of how he got the role. "They just called me down and said I was lucky and offered me the role of Archer right on the spot. They were like, ‘Here’s what it’s gonna be: You’re 100 years before Kirk.’ That sold me on it. To be the first captain of the Enterprise? You just can’t turn that down.

“Since then, I’ve been overwhelmed by the extension, scope and reach of the characters and the whole franchise," he said. "I think it’s amazing the raw numbers and devotion about something that began in the Sixties."

"Of course, I got a taste of what I was in for with ‘Quantum Leap,’ which has a following larger and more dedicated than many realize," Bakula added. "Here we are almost 25 years after it went off the air and people still watch it, talk about it and care about it. You just can’t predict that."


Madonna (a/k/a Esther when she’s in Israel) treated tens of thousands of ecstatic fans at Ramat Gan stadium near Tel Aviv to the inaugural show of her "MDNA" world tour on Thursday, performing in a country where she has long claimed a special bond.

The "Material Girl," who was not nicknamed due to her family’s history in the garment district, is a devotee of a form of Jewish mysticism known as Kabbalah. In Tel Aviv, she danced, bumped, grinded and vogued in flashy costumes to a raucous crowd.

Madonna emerged on stage in a confessional, breaking through its glass window using a rifle, which she then aimed at the audience — seemingly a risky move in Israel.

Madonna plays the Wells Fargo Center Aug. 28.

Utah County Attorney Jeff Buhman says he will not pursue criminal charges against Kody Brown and his four wives, the polygamous family made famous by the TLC reality show "Sister Wives."

He says his office has also adopted a policy that bigamy cases will be pursued only if there is evidence of a victim or fraud.

Isn’t any man with four wives a victim?

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