Eagles coach Andy Reid chats with the fans

Eagles coach Andy Reid says the energy from the last four games of the season has carried over into offseason activities, but training camp will test that.       DAVID MAIALETTI / Staff Photographer
Eagles coach Andy Reid says the energy from the last four games of the season has carried over into offseason activities, but training camp will test that.       DAVID MAIALETTI / Staff Photographer
Posted: June 12, 2012

Eagles coach Andy Reid answered questions Monday from fans during a philly.com chat hosted by Inquirer staff writer Jeff McLane. Here are some of the highlights:

Bob B.: We're hearing that Nick Foles has a great arm but will be a project. Does he have the potential to be a starting quarterback over time?

Reid: Every quarterback is some form of a project coming into the NFL. Nick has the talent to be a starter in the NFL. We're not far enough into this, though.

JK: Would you ever go the Mike Holmgren route and leave the sideline for a president role?

Reid: Right now, I love coaching. I can't tell you what may happen down the road, but right now I'm enjoying coaching for the Eagles.

Joe: Are you pretending to hate press conferences, or do you really hate them? If so, why?

Reid: I understand why people hate my press conferences - because of my dynamic personality during them. It's definitely an area I need to work on, but at the same time find the balance so that the Eagles stay together.

Guest: Would you ever consider allowing the behind-the-scenes show Hard Knocks to film the Eagles? It would be awesome as a fan to see how the team operates behind the scenes and get a sense of player/coaches personalities. Or do you feel it's too much of a distraction?

Reid: I understand the part about it being great for TV, and it's a tribute to HBO for doing it. But from an organizational standpoint, it ends up being a distraction.

Adam: Coach Reid, do you feel that you're OK at backup quarterback this season given that [Michael] Vick rarely, if ever, survives a full season?

Reid: I understand the question. Mike Kafka doesn't have a lot of experience, but the experience he gained this offseason has been valuable.

  Frank: What do you think is the cause behind and the solution to the defense's red-zone woes? For two years straight we've been at the bottom of the league there.

Reid: Your weaknesses end up being magnified in the red zone. In our case, we talk about strengthening the middle of the defense, where most of the touchdowns were happening. We secured that area at the end of the season.

Bob: Do you see the offensive line suffering without [Jason] Peters? Many scribes do.

Reid: You're talking about the best left tackle in football. However, Howie [Roseman] did a nice job [in] signing Demetress Bell, and we signed King Dunlap. There's a competition there between those two guys.

Matt: Are we going to see more of [LeSean] McCoy in the slot this year like [Brian] Westbrook used to do so well?

Reid: We started easing him in there in certain situations and even started lining him up outside away from a three-man look. So, yeah.

BW: Coach, is a season a failure if you don't win the Super Bowl? Do you take any moral victories out of last season?

Reid: I understand the first part of that question. I will tell you that everything is done in phases in the NFL as you build a team. I take the last four games of last season, and that energy has carried over to the first three phases of this offseason. The fourth phase is training camp, and it will be very hard.

Dan G.: Are the Eagles close enough to the salary cap to take the current roster into this season? Or will you need to spend more to meet the minimum requirement?

Reid: We're close to maxing out the cap. We do have a little wiggle room.

Guest: What play-calling responsibilities is Vick going to have this year that he hasn't had in the past with the Eagles?

Reid: He has the flexibility at the line to change any play according to what the defense presents. Michael has made improvement right there - understanding where and what he can do against certain defenses.

Tarz: What is your favorite part about game day?

Reid: My favorite part is the game itself - when you're out there and you're playing. The tighter the game, the more exciting.

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