Posted: June 13, 2012

America frowns on people with a so-called felony in their past. Why? No one is perfect — no one will be. Can't we as a country allow these people back into society and let them begin again?

There are over 5 million ex-felons, federal and state, in America. People who have done stupid things and want to start over.

Why can't they? Who are we as a populace to stop them? If you are a poor ex-felon in America, your chances are slim to nothing in getting help. Your voting rights are taken for life, finding any kind of employment is difficult and you're barred from living in decent neighborhoods. This only increases your chances of going back to prison. You're forced into the same environment that you fought so hard to get away from.

The rich who have a "checkered" background have no problem. They are welcomed with open arms. Their "jail" time is like some medal to wear, and they're celebrated. Johnny Cash, Martha Stewart … so many I can't name.

We as a country realized that hating blacks was wrong — they were freed. Then we realized that women deserved equality, and that people with disabilities were being treated unfairly and deserved to be heard. Now we need to realize as a country that punishing people with a past is discrimination, too. They also need to be heard — and freed.

Let's allow everyone the luxury of starting over. Please help to raise the level of humane behavior in this country, so that we can all have a life.

Barbara Vinyard

Phoenix, Ariz.

Mitt's black problem

In Julie Shaw's article "Reid: Our Stormin' Mormon," Mr. Ahmad Corbitt is quoted at a meeting as saying that some people think that the Mormon church is unwelcoming to blacks.

Did he mention why?

It goes back to their diabolical teaching that God cursed black people because they are of the race of Ham. And because of this curse, they were barred from being priests in their church.

The ban has been lifted, but did the church condemn this blasphemous doctrine?

A nation does not have to apologize for its wrongdoings, but a church that believes in Christ has to or they will not enter into the kingdom of God. God is not and never was a racist.

Mitt Romney, a devout Mormon and a candidate for the presidency of the United State, should be questioned about this doctrine. Has he ever condemned this teaching?

Our president should not be racist or be affiliated with any organization that insults any people of our nation. All are created equal.

As for the temple, our beautiful parkway, graced with great institutions, will be disgraced with this symbol of racism.

Yet, as an American I truly support freedom of religion and freedom of speech, even if it is of hatred and racism.

Gaylord B. Gray


Send him back?

Re: Police Commissioner and officers videotaped beating Frankford man:

If I could get a petition to oust Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey, I'd do it. To say that the four police officers acted appropiately is absurd.

Go back to Chicago, you've made Philadelphia a war zone.

Agnes Folger


Show me a poor pol

You read about Romney being rich. So? All of them (politicians) are rich.

Have we ever put in a bus driver, a construction worker, a plumber, etc., or the average working man or women? No.

They are all rich people. Stop crying about Romney's money and do what is right for America and its people.

Leona Ebsworth


Anybody seen Pedro?

How many times has SRC Chairman Pedro Ramos said that he wants this SRC to be more transparent especially after the last SRC?

Last week there was a meeting regarding the alleged lobbying by the Universal Companies in the taking over of Creighton. This week, they went to Harrisburg to lobby legislators in getting a new law to break the union contracts. According to our Mayor, who went to Harrisburg with them, he didn't even know about that.

Maybe Mrs. Ramos is aware of your whereabouts and doings, but we taxpayers sure as hell aren't.

David Krain


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