Mausoleum Horror Convention comes to Philadelphia

SoLow Festival
SoLow Festival
Posted: June 15, 2012

HALLOWEEN COMES early this year for fans of the wild and the weird. The Philadelphia Museum of Contemporary Art presents a terrifying lineup of horror entertainment and activities during its Mausoleum Art Show and the Mausoleum Horror Convention, an all-day event that includes short films, a trivia contest, a drawing workshop, and vendors.

Friday night's lead-in to the convention is the Mausoleum Art Show of Horror, which will feature the North American Tour of Terror, a selection of nine short horror films. The night also features a documentary made by local director Isaac Williams inspired by cult classic "American Movie." Starring the late Philly punk legend Mikey Wild, "Maybe We Can Go to Hollywood" documents the two men as they try to re-create classic cinematic horror films on a budget of less than $200.

Mausoleum Art Show of Horror and North American Tour of Terror; Friday, 6 p.m., $7, Mausoleum Horror Convention, Saturday, 11 a.m., $7-$12,

—Alissa Falcone

Liberte, egalite ... comedy

A family in is in grave danger. An impostor boarding in their home plans to ruin their family's name — and take their fortune.

The storyline for the new TNT series "Dallas"? Nope, it's actually the plot of "Tartuffe," a beloved French comedy from 1664 opening Friday night at the Stagecrafters Theater. Written by the French playwright Jean Baptiste Poquelin de Moliere, it was initially written for and performed in front of King Louis XIV. Though the king loved the play, his religious advisers did not; it was censored for many years. Thankfully, we can see the play as it was meant to be performed — religious parodies and all.

Tartuffe, through July 1, $16-$25, Stagecrafters Theater, 8130 Germantown Ave., 215-247-8881,

— Mary Sydnor

SoLow Highlights

The SoLow Festival started as a simple solution to the starving artist's budget. Designed to promote experimental work that was financially friendly for the performer and uniquely personal to viewer, it's since blossomed into one of Philadelphia's most creative outlets for solo performers and nontraditional work. Now in its third year, SoLow today offers a platform for both emerging and established artists, as well as anyone who wants to participate. The 10-day lineup explores various subjects. Each artist has chosen his or her own venue, price, and performance piece based on this year's "Down and Dirty" theme. This year, performances invite audiences into basements, living rooms, and even an elevator to share each artist's work. SoLow curators Amanda Grove and Thomas Choinacky have transformed their own artistic will into a tangible way for dozens of local and national artists.

"Amanda and I have both experienced the financial risks of making performances on our own," Choinacky said. "We wanted to find a way to reverse all that. Performance should be affordable for both the artist making and the audience seeing. We are happy to say we have found a way to put that all together." n

SoLow Festival, through June 24, Prices vary, Various locations,

—Amanda Wagner Art Attack is a partnership with Drexel University and is supported by a grant from the Knight/NEA Community Arts Journalism Challenge, administered by the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance.

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