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Posted: June 19, 2012

Romney in Wis., praises recall win

   JANESVILLE, Wis. - Mitt Romney sought Monday to capitalize on Republican Gov. Scott Walker's victory in a contentious recall election and predicted that momentum from that race will help him win the state come November and, with it, the White House.

Wisconsin hasn't voted for a Republican for president since 1984, and President Obama won big there in 2008. But Republicans sense an opportunity after Walker survived a Democratic push to oust him after he took on public- sector unions. So does Romney, who had Walker at his side Monday.

"I think President Obama had just put this in his column," Romney told cheering supporters inside a textile company as his six-state bus tour brought him to Janesville, about 75 miles southwest of Milwaukee. "He just assumed from the very beginning that Wisconsin was going to be his. But you know what? We're going to win Wisconsin and we're going to get in the White House."

- AP

High court limits defendant's rights

WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court retreated Monday from its view that a criminal defendant's right to confront his accusers includes trial testimony from the crime lab analyst who identified him as the culprit.

By a splintered 5-4 vote, the justices upheld the conviction of a Chicago rapist who was found guilty based on a DNA match done by a crime lab in Maryland.

The decision in Williams v. Illinois is a victory, albeit a tentative one, for prosecutors and state lawyers. They had worried the high court was on the verge of giving defendants a right to demand testimony from all crime lab technicians whose reports were used against them.

Sandy Williams, the Chicago man, was convicted after an Illinois crime lab analyst said she had matched a sample of his blood with a DNA profile done on a semen sample taken from the victim. The DNA work was done at a Cellmark lab in Maryland, and the expert who did the profile did not testify.

The Sixth Amendment gives defendants a right to be confronted with the witnesses against them, and in recent years, the high court has said that reports from crime labs serve as crucial evidence for the prosecution. - AP

Business co-owner dead in refrigerator

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - The co-owner of a Nashville restaurant has been found dead inside the restaurant's walk-in cooler and police say they believe he may have accidentally locked himself inside.

The Tennessean reports that Jay Luther, 47, was found dead inside the cooler at Germantown Cafe East when an employee arrived for work Monday morning.

Police said there had been a power outage Friday night, and the restaurant put dry ice inside the cooler to preserve the food. When the power was restored Sunday, police said, Luther apparently went inside to check on the food and became trapped.

Police said they believe Luther may have died from the carbon dioxide fumes created by the dry ice.

- AP

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