You know you're in a gastropub when...

Posted: June 28, 2012

You can order stuff off a chalkboard.

Male servers and bartenders have unruly beards; their female counterparts sport tanktops and sleeve tattoos.

At least one menu item contains the word "toasts."

The menu has a lengthy description of the burger.

It also offers bone marrow, fried chicken or an obscure pig part.???

You can get a salad, but you'll never see anybody eating one at the bar.

The words "artisanal," "organic," or "wood-fired" will be prominent.???

At least two of the tap beers have cutesy, clever names like Dock Street Pimp My Rye, 21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon or Intercourse Blue Ball Porter.

There are desserts, but no one orders them.

If the gastropub's in Philly, it reimagines the cheesesteak.Cheesesteak empanadas, rabbit cheesesteak, vegan cheesesteak — you get the idea.


— Jason Wilson

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