‘SideShow': The Who bring ‘Quadrophenia' to Philadelphia's Wells Fargo Center and A.C.'s Boardwalk Hall

Posted: July 19, 2012

The Who are coming! Surviving originals Pete Townshend and Roger Daltry shall rock the Wells Fargo Center on Dec. 8, celebrating the Feast of the Immaculate Conception (yeah, like they knew) with a complete performance of the hallowed 1973 rock oratorio Quadrophenia and a lot of hits. They also hit Boardwalk Hall in A.C. on Feb. 22. It's their first North American tour in four years. Their backup band includes Zak Starkey (drummer son of Beatle guy Ringo Starr), keyboard ubiquitist Chris Stainton, and bassist major Pino Palladino. Who fan club members get first dibs on ticketsFriday through Sunday, and the rest of us can buy 'em starting July 27. Tickets available at Comcasttix.com.

Zac Brown up, not down

Who's atop the Billboard 200 albums this week? Why, the Zac Brown Band. Its second CD, Uncaged, debuts at uno with a bearded, burly 234,000 units moved. (Amazon MP3 helped, pricing the CD at $3.99 for a week.) Number 2 is Frank Ocean's CD Channel Orange, with 113K sold, mostly via iTunes. Only about 3K were physical CDs. Hip-hopper Frank jarred the hip-hop world recently when he came out as a gay man. Which may have stoked sales. The rest: (3) Believe, by Justin Bieber, 45K; (4) Fortune, by Chris Brown, 44K-plus; (5) Overexposed, by Maroon 5, 44K; (6) Living Things, by Linkin Park, 37K; (7) Up All Night, by One Direction, 36K; (8) the indomitable, indefatigable, ubiquitous 21, by Adele, 35K; (9) Teenage Dream, by Katy Perry, 34K; and (10) Welcome to the Fishbowl, by Kenny Chesney, 32K. One amazing note: Adele's 21 has now got more weeks in the top 10 than any other CD by a lady ever. It consigns to perpetual forgetting the 72-week stay of Alanis Morrisette's memorable Jagged Little Pill of 1995-96.

Not much hidden in Hyde Park

Cold these days in London, but does that faze Madonna? No way! She's 53 and does not care, yo. At Tuesday's Hyde Park gig, she bared her lacy bra, and pulled down her pants so people could see her thong. OK. Noted. Folks like Kylie Minogue and Stella McCartney were in the thong, I mean throng. Stella's daddy, Paul, joined Bruce Springsteen a few days ago at the latter's Hyde Park show, but those strict Brits pulled the plug right at 10:30, the legal curfew. Sorry, famous rockers, go home, shut up, who cares about ya? (At his next gig, in Dublin, Da Boss played "Twist and Shout" and made fun of the English types.)

Crawl all over the nice lady

Lady Gaga, Madonna's shadow, is in an ad for her perfume, Fame. Naked, of course, but instead of a fig leaf, cunningly arranged clouds, or whatevs, her naughty regions are covered with battalions of tiny, crawling men. It's eewwier than eewie. BTW, the Gagmeistress is said to be the September cover for Vogue.

Batman and Romney!

Rush Limbaugh calls the new Batman flick, The Dark Knight Rises, a jab at the Republican Party. The bad guy's named Bane! With all this dustup over GOP prez candidate Mitt Romney's tenure at Bain Capital!?!?! NBC's Rachel Maddow, Rush's loyal enemy, says if there's a conspiracy, it's been 19 years in the making: The character Bane first appeared in a Batman comic in 1993, and Bain Capital (named after cofounder Bill Bain) was formed in 1984. So, post hoc ergo propter hoc, it could be true! These folks are legit celebs, and they're geniuses — at least in getting us to talk about them. Which we just did. So they win. ...

Suri with fringe benefits on top

Exciting times for Suri Cruise! Mommy (Katie Holmes) and Daddy (Tom Cruise) are getting divorced. Mommy takes me to look at a puppy. Daddy comes and gets me and goes around New York with me. On Tuesday night, Mommy and me are in the limousine when we get sideswiped by a garbage truck! Mommy's sending me to a Catholic school and keeping strict hours. "Suri is used to Tom being away for work, so this is nothing new," says a Holmes Insider to Us Weekly. "Katie has delicately told her that Mommy and Daddy will spend time apart, but Suri will still see him. She's trying to let her adjust to this easily."

The unbearable smallness of beings

Mort Crim, news anchor at KYW-TV (Channel 3) from 1972-77, returns on Saturday, July 21, from 3-4 p.m., to show his docu, Flight Level 74 and Still Climbing, about his 7,400-mile solo flight on his 74th birthday. ... Former Eagles linebacker Jeremiah Trotter is inked for the lead in North Star, story of Big Ben Jones, a real-life slave who escaped from Virginia and landed in Buckingham, Pa., in 1848 and was helped by local Quakers. Writer and director: Buckingham guy Thomas K. Phillips. ... Emma Roberts is dating Evan Peters (American Horror Story). ... Richard Branson, who cofounded Virgin Records in 1972 and sold it in 1992 for a cool $1 billion, wants to buy it back. It may get sold as part of a Universal purchase of label EMI. R-Bran says he'll buddy up with French recording maven Patrick Zelnick. ... Justin Bieber, 18, tells Rolling Stone that "I don't carry myself as a boy." ... The Pennsylvania Society announced Tuesday that it was gonna give local filmmaker guy M. Night Shyamalan the society's Gold Medal for Distinguished Achievement. His movie and philanthropy work will be celebrated at the awards bash in NYC in December.

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