New baby on the way, city official relishes family

City Assistant Managing Director Adé Fuqua dines with mom Renee (left) and wife Holremin on Sunday. ABI REIMOLD / STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER
City Assistant Managing Director Adé Fuqua dines with mom Renee (left) and wife Holremin on Sunday. ABI REIMOLD / STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER
Posted: July 24, 2012

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Adé Fuqua's wife, Holremin, excitedly grabs his hand and presses it to her round belly. He hasn't yet felt the kicking of the newlyweds' first child, a baby boy they're expecting in December.

"I never get to experience this," Fuqua says, as his wife moves his hand around her belly. After a few tries, Fuqua doesn't feel anything. "I always miss it," he says.

But then, a small miracle: The baby kicks underneath the soon-to-be father's hand.

"That feels weird!" Fuqua exclaims, looking wide-eyed at Holremin, a proud grin spreading across his face. "It's wiggling!"

Fuqua brims with pride as both his wife and his mother, Renee, burst into happy laughter on the late Sunday afternoon spent in his mother's warm, sun-soaked living room in Mayfair.

"It feels like a fish," he says, sending the women into another fit of laughter.

Fuqua, an assistant managing director of the city, runs the PhillyRising Collaborative, in South Philadelphia. The initiative works in targeted neighborhoods to combat crime and to address quality-of-life issues.

He dedicates all his free time to his family, he says. This Sunday is no exception, as Fuqua and Holremin — who were married by Mayor Nutter at City Hall in March — have traveled from their Northern Liberties apartment to Renee's home for a dinner of soul food and Spanish cuisine.

"The real thing that's important to me is my family," Fuqua says, the scent of Spanish rice and the sound of the two women's laughter drifting into the living room from the kitchen.

Fuqua, who grew up in Germantown and graduated from Walter B. Saul High School in 1991, got a degree in public-health administration from Penn State and then spent a few years singing in an R&B band. But on Sunday, he can't stop talking about the baby on the way.

A scrapbook on his mother's coffee table holds photos of his wedding day and ultrasound pictures of the baby. In a family of mostly women, he was thrilled to learn last week that his first child will be a boy to help him take care of the brood he plans.

He said he told his wife, "It's a boy, because God knows I need help." n

— Morgan Zalot

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