Nittany Olympians

Posted: July 27, 2012

Penn State will have 19 athletes in seven sports competing in the London Olympics. Four of the competitors are current students, one is a coach, and 14 are alumni.

Athlete   Sport   Nation   

Matt Anderson   Men's Volleyball   United States   

Felix Aronovich   Men's Gymnastics   Israel   

Dominique Blake   Track and Field   Jamaica   

Miles Chamley-Watson   Men's Fencing   United States   

Shana Cox   Track and Field   Great Britain   

Natalie Dell   Women's Rowing   United States   

Bridget Fanek   Track and Field   United States   

Nicole Fawcett   Women's Volleyball   United States   

Alisha Glass   Women's Volleyball   United States   

Daniel Gomez-Tanamachi   Men's Fencing   Mexico   

Christa Harmotto   Women's Volleyball   United States   

Megan Hodge   Women's Volleyball   United States   

Bobby Lea   Men's Cycling   United States   

Erin McLeod   Women's Soccer   Canada   

Carmelina Moscato   Women's Soccer   Canada   

Kirsten Nieuwendam   Track and Field   Suriname   

Tommy Ramos   Men's Gymnastics   Puerto Rico   

Ryan Whiting   Track and Field   United States   

Doris Willette   Women's Fencing   United States   

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