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Posted: August 02, 2012

RE: CHICK-FIL-A controversy (Bykofsky, July 30).

Dan Cathy is more than welcome to have such a stance on gay marriage, just as one might have that same freedom to have a similar stance on (against) blacks using the same facilities as whites (as long as it's not done in practice but simply their philosophical outlook). Or even against atheists running for political office because it doesn't fit the Christian "mold" of this country (many people under the notion that this country is a Christian nation). I find it misguided that so many base their anti-gay stance on that inane, misguided and often downright evil book of sand scribblings. If one wants to talk about what the Bible says, then let us not gloss over the idea that it also demands the stoning (to death) of homosexuals, idolaters adulterers, and misbehaved children. The prehistoric babblings also condone slavery, forbid the eating of particular foods (e.g. pig and shellfish) and prohibit long hair on men, piercings and tattoos. Christians simply enjoy cherry-picking what they deem to be the "good" and dismissing what they don't like or agree with. The amount of evil and contradictions is not only mind-numbing, but is the leading reason why I am a (moral, law-abiding, non-hateful) atheist.

Michael Alexander


OK, so maybe Dan Cathy isn't the brightest bulb in the package. In this economy no business can afford to alienate any group from buying what you sell. Dan Cathy did just that.

But it took a lot of courage to tell the world where his company stood on such a hot topic as same-sex marriages. Being in the United States and having rights such as free speech, he did what he thought was right. Instead of getting up in arms over this, I believe we have to remember those rights that so many gave and still give their lives to defend.

It's apparent that Chick-fil-A is a religious-based company that simply said: Our belief, our religion does not recognize same-sex marriages.

The public trial that has ensued is nothing but wrong. We cannot persecute a man or a company for having their beliefs.

For public officials announcing they don't want Chick-fil-A in their city is ludicrous. In my opinion more people should speak on their beliefs without the fear of public backlash.

Ken Carchidi


A salute to the Scouts

I want to take my hat off to the Boy Scouts of America for standing their ground. This is an organization that steers young men in the right direction as they grow to become MEN doing things that men do. Admitting a group that does not represent what this organization stands for will lead to its destruction. There are only two types of Scouts in America, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. There are no He-She Scouts.

Tyrone Parker

Upper Pottsgrove

They just don't get it

What is wrong with the people in this country? Stupidity and ignorance are rampant! Someone wrote that President Obama wants to eliminate all personal businesses and make the government the only employer. How ludicrous is that statement? I don't understand how you believe that Mitt Romney and the GOP are the messiahs. Romney is the outsource king of the U.S., not the next coming, and you jokers hang on every word he says. That includes some so-called intelligent people like associate professors. Didn't any of you learn from the mess that baby Bush and the GOP left us?

Let's get something straight: Obama is not anti-business. When someone owns a business, it takes more than the owner to make that business successful. Steve Jobs didn't build Apple by himself. He needed help building it. Without the workers and consumers, Apple wouldn't exist. The same goes for Henry Ford. Do you think he built all those cars himself? And sometimes the federal government has to help out. Remember the government bailout of the auto industry? Even farmers get government subsidies.

Why don't you listen to some of the asinine things that Mitt has been saying. Go ahead and put Romney in as president, and maybe when he lies to you and starts a war with Iran (you better listen to what he's been saying) or some other Middle Eastern country, he'll take your son or daughter. Then you'll be crying and cursing him. Like I always say, "Karma always comes back to bite you."

Carol Myers-Phipps


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