Haters and Gabby Douglas' hair

Posted: August 09, 2012

Seriously, who is concerned about Gabrielle Douglas' hairstyle? I guess the haters missed the fact that Gabby is an awesome young African-American lady who has achieved the title as the first African-American female to win the all-around competition for an Olympic gold medal.

Gabby has gained prestige, she will be a part of American history and stories about her will be in history books. She is an inspiration for other young African-American children who can see from her achievements and believe within themselves, "Yes, I can accomplish anything I set my mind to." With her endorsements she will be a millionaire before it is all said and done.

So, to whoever her critics are, as they will soon see it does not matter what the type or style of a person's hair is. Gabby has accomplished what her critics have not. When we watch the news in the future of Gabby in her million-dollar home, getting the best education, appearing on talk shows, it was not her hairstyle that won the gold but her talent, skills and determination.

If she chooses, she can purchase the best weave on the market or she can wear it natural like God gave it to her. It will be her choice. Females need to get over themselves and applaud her for her great accomplishment.

Stop assuming that everybody has to look like what you think they should, and give her the cheers that she deserves. Gabby is an awesome athlete, and having a long ponytail weave may have hindered her from winning. It is also obvious that her critics don't exercise, because if they did they would know that when you exercise you tend to sweat your hair out. It angers me that some people, regardless of color, can be so jealous and critical, or just plain haters. Look in the mirror at yourself.

Cheryl Johnson


Why is this dog dead?

Thank you, Stu Bykofsky, for the story about Bustaah and Don Davis. The shooting of dogs by police officers has gotten out of control in this country. Officers are rarely charged, and use poor excuses for "defending themselves." It is my hope that someday officers will receive proper training on how to deal with dogs they come across. It seems that the only thing done now is shoot first and deny later.

Why a cop would not understand that a dog, even an amazingly easygoing one, will most likely defend its master, its greatest love, with barking and growling, is beyond me. They consider this enough to shoot a defenseless animal. I am not saying that all cops lie, but I do believe that they protect their own and that they would certainly lie if they thought that the homeless man and his dog were nothing but trash on the street.

Thank you again for bringing some attention to this story and to the other ones out there that are ignored.

Jennifer Spaeth

Oreland, Pa.

Thanks for the great but sad article. It's ironic that the dog traveled all over the United States and is killed by the police here.

Don used to sit on the ledge outside the District Attorney's Office building across from Macy's and always made sure that the dog was warm in winter and comfortable in the summer. I used to sometimes bring them water and sausage sandwiches from the 7-Eleven on Chestnut Street.

Bustaah will surely be missed.

Barbara A. Tarvydas


Let's drink to that

Kudos to Dr. Marc Lamont Hill on his column about the fourth annual Racial Beer Summit. I totally agree that African-Americans have made great social strides in circumventing the racial climate of America. However, I don't necessarily think that having a black president, or the proliferation of black mayors, is indicative of racial healing. One can argue that Mayor Nutter is nothing more than a token symbolic black face on white political hegemony. Moreover, we still, sadly, see right-wing partisan viewpoints targeted at our president coming from tea-party members who claim they want to retake this country. However, they never are specific on who they're attempting to retake this country from. Hmm?

Maybe after the president's re-election, he can invite Romney and tea-party members to a healing Beer Summit.

Hannibal Casanova


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