Synchronized ponderings

Posted: August 14, 2012

LINGERING Olympics questions:

Is that why they call it BAD minton?

Who else exclaimed, "Oh the humanity" after seeing Al Roker in a wrestling singlet?

Why did Manteo Mitchell take it so literally when someone said "break a leg" before his 4x400 run?

When did teenagers start drawing up bucket lists?

Shouldn't Gabby be named Smiley?

Why was Kim Kardashian's stepdad interviewing athletes?

Is Ryan Seacrest a sportscaster now?

How many Chevys did that Spandau Ballet reference sell?

How many Spandau Ballet 8-tracks did that Chevy ad sell?

What if Jennifer had married Wellesley Plod instead of Wellesley Bolt?

Why was Jack the Ripper left off the Opening Ceremony roster?

What's nastier: water polo players' legs or distance runners' elbows?

Does Coach K only smile after gold-medal wins?

Couldn't LeBron had sprung for a big Gatorade jug instead of two tiny water bottles to douse Coach K?

How did Coach K's hair stay in place after that dousing?

Who thought Michael Phelps might bomb after his fourth-place finish in his first race?

Who is Andre Iguodala talking to on the bench?

Whose idea was it not to start Carli Lloyd in the first game?

If Bolt is legendary, then what do you call that guy who decided to trip the South African runner on the same relay team as Oscar Pistorius, the double-amputee?

Is Pistorius' nickname "Blade Runner" great or what?

Whose humbler: Bolt or Lloyd?

Did Lewis Johnson interview you?

If gymnasts were taller, wouldn't they be great high jumpers?

Don't you love it when a diver flips perfectly four times and the announcer criticizes him for making a splash? Splash meter? Are you kidding me?

Syncronized BMX races anyone?

How about disheveled gymnastics? Out-of-synchronized swimmers with hairdos askew and instead of noseclips they use blindfolds?

Next Olympics, let's see who can hold their breath under water the longest.

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