Sheena's Philly faves

Posted: August 15, 2012

LIKE SO many transplants before her, Channel 10 meteorologist Sheena Parveen, a native of the Tampa Bay, Fla., area, has found herself falling in love with Philadelphia. As such, we asked her to answer some very Philly-specific questions:

Phillies or Eagles?

"I like baseball, but I could never choose one over the other."

Geno's or Pat's?

"Uh-oh. I don't want to say. That's a dangerous question. No comment."

Manayunk or Old City?

"Manayunk is really cool, and so is Old City, in different ways. There are interesting things about each of them. Do they plow snow in Old City? They don't in Manayunk. That's the one thing that would be tough for me in the winter. Could I drive through Manayunk? No. Could I drive through Old City? Yes."

Atlantic City or Ocean City?

"Atlantic City's cool. It is like a mini-Vegas, or the Vegas of the Northeast. Ocean City to me is more laid-back. I'm a little more laid-back, so I would say Ocean City."

Water ice or ice cream?

"Ooh, water ice! Are you kidding me? They even put some Rita's [stores] in Florida. That's how much people like it. I would have to say strawberry is my favorite flavor."

I-95 or Schuylkill Expressway?

"Probably the expressway because I'm more familiar with it. I know where I'm going."

- Chuck Darrow

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