Phillie Phoodie reviews Baker Bowl Bistro

Posted: August 17, 2012

Outlet: Baker Bowl Bistro We went: 8:30 p.m. (4th inning)

Wait: None

Order: Sushi; crab cake sandwich

Cost: $31

Just for grits 'n' giggles, PH2 thought he'd see how the other half dines at CBP. Through means that need not be discussed here, I infiltrated the Hall of Fame Club, the premium-seating area on the second level.

Situated on a wide concourse, the HOF Club boasts several stations, including a merch stand and a couple of bars that offer hard liquor and wine as well as beer.

I chose the Baker Bowl Bistro (sucker for alliteration that I am), after perusing the posted menu, I went with what the menu identified as "fresh sushi" ($15) and the Eastern Shore crab cake sandwich ($16) that came with lettuce, tomato and homemade potato chips.

The sushi consisted of four rolls (Philly, tuna, spicy tuna and California) and three pieces of sushi (two shrimp and one salmon). Much to my surprise, it was indeed fresh. It was also really tasty. My only complaint was the single packet of soy sauce that came bundled with it, which proved to be an inadequate supply.

The crab cake sandwich, though impressively hefty, was disappointing. The fresh, flour-dusted roll was excellent, and the puck of crab and filler was just this side of hot. But the cake had the consistency and texture of delicatessen tuna salad, and a little more actual crab flavor would have been nice.

Final score: The sushi was so unexpectedly good that even the crab cake didn't keep Baker Bowl Bistro from hitting a double.

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