When did Wilt Chamberlain have time for basketball?

Posted: August 22, 2012

TUESDAY marked the birthday of greatest athlete to come from Philadelphia, Wilt Chamberlain. The former Warriors and Sixers great - who to this day still holds numerous all-time scoring and rebounding records - passed on Oct. 12, 1999.

If still alive, he would have turned 76.

While we most fondly remember "The Stilt" for his accomplishments on the court, we also wanted to make mention of his exploits off it. In his second autobiography, titled "A View from Above," Chamberlain claimed to have bedded more than 20,000 women during his career. Well, because the author of today's High and Inside has no life, we mathematically broke down what that would entail. Chamberlain made the claim when he was 55, and since we are to assume there were no repeats in Chamberlain's repertoire, let's just say Wilt began at age 15.

That's 40 years of fornication, so, at 20,000 women over that time, we are talking 500 women in each 365-day period. OK, still with me? That would roughly mean Wilt would have had to have been with 1.36 women per 24-hour time period at a pace of about one every 17.52 hours.

Don't want to hate on a man's other game, especially on his birthday, but you have to ask, when would Wilt have squeezed such things as practices, road trips, film sessions, heck, even the basics like eating, showering and sleeping? Especially the latter.

Hey, happy birthday, Wilt. It's 76 years later and you still give us plenty to debate - both on and off the court.

Serious thievery

Cincinnati minor leaguer Billy Hamilton set a record by stealing his 146th base of the season. He stole three bases for Double A Pensacola, of the Southern League, to set the mark, and added No. 147 on Tuesday night. We wonder whether he's related to former Phillie Billy Hamilton, who finished his 14-year career with 914 stolen bases, stealing more than 100 twice with the Phils, in 1891 (111) and 1894 (100).

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