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Posted: August 24, 2012

JUDGE ROBERT Simpson, you upheld the law to have voters show identification when they vote on Nov. 6 for the highest office in the land. People know that it is a ruse by the Republicans to make President Obama a one-term president. I did not see the government make it mandatory for the people in Florida when voter fraud happened in 2004 and George Bush won the election.

Why are the Republicans and some Democrats blaming all the problems in this country on Obama. The president is trying to help everyone and keep this country from going under. The president is not to blame for all the problems in this country. Mitt Romney is only for the rich and really doesn't care about middle class, just the affluent, and if he wins the election in November all hell is going to break loose.

The people who decided to make voter ID mandatory (including Gov. Corbett) do not have the interests of the working class at heart.

Anyone who does not have a voter ID should proceed to the local PennDOT office and obtain a valid identification so you will be able to vote. The reason behind the law for voter ID is for the birds. People in Philadelphia: Wake up and do not let the Republicans take over the White House.

Lora Neal


A 99-percenter speaks

As one of the "99 percent," I feel it is necessary to awaken the memories of some of us as to how our nation got into this mess! Stop blaming President Obama for that state of this country's economy and jobs. As a nation we must shoulder 99 percent of the blame for electing the Republicans, whose main concern is corporations and the "1 percent." Before President George W. Bush vacated the White House, he had sent the nation's economy into a nosedive, and our nation was hemorrhaging jobs even as he left the White House on the day of Obama's inauguration. The eight-year reign of the Republican administration nearly destroyed our country. How can anyone in their right mind expect an injury of this kind to be healed or simply disappear overnight? It took the Republicans eight years to nearly decimate this nation. It's going to take even longer to heal.

Neither Mitt Romney nor Paul Ryan can tell the truth about any real issue. Mitt simply can not understand the "common" man. Paul Ryan is just too extreme for anyone, especially women and seniors.

Carol Garner


No guns in the stands

With the National Football League decree that all fans shall be screened by metal detectors at stadium entrances, we have moved a step closer to our nation becoming an armed camp. Nonetheless, the NFL has taken appropriate action in light of the gun homicide epidemic, and its initiative should be swiftly replicated by Major League Baseball.

We live in a society in which there is little standing in the way of loons acquiring arsenals that enable them to outgun law-enforcement officers, and in which anyone with a perceived grievance may go out with a flourish and national notoriety by mowing down innocent people one after the other with high-powered weaponry. It would be only a matter of time before the firearms violence for which the United States is so well known and unique would occur at a sports facility, given heretofore-lax security measures.

Implementing any type of restriction or inconvenience on the potential firearms fanatic is a non-starter in Congress and in statehouses throughout the nation because of the influence of the mighty National Rifle Association and its millions of faithful who cling to guns, as President Obama stated with the blunt accuracy that offended so many gun lovers.

Let us look at the bright side: These are boom times for Smith & Wesson, Colt, Glock and Winchester, their employees and stockholders. They are selling a highly profitable item for which there is great demand and Congress has decreed that they cannot be sued! If innocent people must perish as a result, who cares? The victims are mere collateral damage in the pursuit of unlimited Second Amendment rights!

Oren M. Spiegler

Upper Saint Clair, Pa.

Remember the victims

This Penn State fiasco has opened up so many wounds to the victims of child abuse. The problem is many people in society still have blinders on and are in total denial and refuse to believe what truly happens to those of us who have gone through this pain.

The turmoil, failed relationships, insecurity about our sexual preference, loneliness, alcoholism, anger, shame and often suicidal thoughts are but a few of the ailments we suffer. Moving on is not that easy when these scumbags like Sandusky resurface via the media.

Those of you who feel my pain know of those awful, shameful, hurtful days. I suppose it is up to us to get the scumbags off the streets and if that includes the people who turned the other cheek and tolerated this for fear of bad publicity, guess what - God is watching all of you folks in a society that wear blinders.

Bill Heiser Jr.


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