Report: NBA's Sacramento Kings headed to Virginia

Posted: August 25, 2012

Are the Sacramento Kings headed east?

Inside Business of Norfolk, Va., citing sources who asked not to be identified, reported Thursday that Virginia Beach, Va., officials and the Maloof family, owner of the Kings, are expected to announce on Wednesday that the Kings will move to Virginia Beach.

The report did not say when the relocation was to take place.

How such a move would affect the NBA is unclear. The Kings play in the Pacific Division, and it's unlikely they would remain there if they moved to Virginia.

The Kings have mostly been associated with a move to Anaheim. However, NBA commissioner David Stern said in June that the Kings would not be permitted to move there.

The Kings have been unhappy with their facility for years and have been trying to relocate. A deal to build a new arena in Sacramento fell through earlier this year.

As for the NBA, Tim Frank, senior vice president for basketball communications, said: "We have no information from the Kings on this matter, and there has been no application for relocation."

Joe Maloof, one of the Kings' owners, told a Sacramento television station: "We haven't talked to Virginia Beach."

The Inside Business report also said that officials from Comcast-Spectacor and the owners of the Kings will be in Virginia Beach on Tuesday to propose the move and the construction of a new basketball arena that Comcast could help build and lease.

Comcast-Spectacor spokesman Ike Richman said Thursday that company officials would elaborate on a new arena in Virginia Beach on Tuesday. He said no specific sports team from any league has been named as a tenant.

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