Vick not worried about injuries, says he'll be ready for Eagles opener

Michael Vick was back on the field Sunday for Flight Night at Lincoln Financial Field. Nick Foles (background) has excelled in Vick's absence. YONG KIM / Staff Photographer
Michael Vick was back on the field Sunday for Flight Night at Lincoln Financial Field. Nick Foles (background) has excelled in Vick's absence. YONG KIM / Staff Photographer
Posted: August 28, 2012

Michael Vick returned to the field for Sunday's Flight Night open workout at Lincoln Financial Field, taking snaps with the starting offense and making all the throws that a $100 million franchise quarterback should make. Of course, he was wearing a red practice jersey - an indication to avoid hitting him.

Vick has not had a problem this summer while wearing the red jersey. It's what has happened in games that has been the issue.

Vick left two preseason games with injuries. The first injury was a bruised thumb, the second was bruised ribs. He said Sunday that he felt "great" and "absolutely" would be ready to play in the Sept. 9 season opener in Cleveland. Vick also rejected the notion that he is prone to injuries.

"I don't think I'm injury-prone at all," Vick said. "I just had a couple of fluke injuries that happened. But it's not something I'm worried about."

Evidence would suggest otherwise. Vick missed six starts over the last two seasons because of injuries. He has played through other ailments in both seasons, too. And he has not been able to make it through a limited number of plays in both preseason games this month, creating concerns that he is either too brittle or endures too many hits.

Vick refuses to allow that notion to creep into his mind. Part of what has made him the Eagles' top quarterback is his dynamic playing style, and that would be hindered if Vick became overwrought by caution.

"Even though I've had these injuries and they've been minor, I still go out and play the game and play it effectively to the best of my ability without worrying about getting hit," Vick said. "At the end of the day, you just got to go out there and play football, and that's the only way you play, and not get hurt."

Vick suffered the rib injury last Monday against New England. He did not practice Wednesday, the Eagles' only full practice before Friday's preseason win in Cleveland. Vick did not make the trip, staying behind in Philadelphia to rehabilitate with fellow injured quarterback Mike Kafka.

Vick said he made major progress in his recovery during the weekend. The improvement has not just been to his battered ribs, but also the injured left thumb that Vick said he had still been fighting.

Coach Andy Reid said Sunday morning that Vick would likely be able to fully participate in practice, although he might need to be spotted on occasions. Vick will not play in the final preseason game on Thursday against the Jets, which is normal for all starters.

"Right now, he was comfortable, but if he had a tweak in there or something that hurt him, I would just pull him out and let somebody else go," Reid said of Vick's practice availability.

In Vick's absence, rookie Nick Foles became a cult figure among Eagles fans enamored with the third-round pick. The euphoria was last seen in Philadelphia when Vick dazzled while replacing Kevin Kolb two seasons ago. Vick was complimentary when speaking about his understudy - "I see him being a leader in the NFL one day," he said - but Vick does not believe his job is threatened.

"As a quarterback who's played this game for a long time, I know what I can do, I believe in my ability, and obviously Nick feels the same," Vick said. "It's always competition at the quarterback position."

Despite Vick's not admitting he is injury-prone and his insistence throughout the summer that he is committed to staying healthy, his history is cause for concern. Vick begins the regular season with only 12 preseason snaps and seven pass attempts, and any evaluation of his August is overshadowed by his inability to stay on the field.

"I'm not really concerned at all," Vick said. "I felt like I had a great training camp. I felt I was in a rhythm. . . . I had the thumb. I had the rib. Being a 10-, 11-year vet, you've got to be able to be your best."

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