Philly drivers worst among big cities ... again

Posted: August 30, 2012

The Good Hands People say Philly has lots of Bad Steering People.


In the annual All-State Insurance study of accident claims filed in 195 American cities, the City of Bumperly Shove had the highest crash rate among cities with 1 million residents.

Yo, no surprise!

After all, Roosevelt Boulevard alone has two of the nation's five most crash-prone intersections, at Red Lion Road (No. 2) and Grant Avenue (No. 5), a State Farm study once revealed.

Besides, Philly was bottom among big cities in all seven previous examinations - and some of the others hardly ever see ice and snow.

Oh, look, there's an accident as we speak on I-95 at Girard Avenue, according to

Based on real data, and calculated per-capita - eliminating any but-we're-bigger excuses - this study declared:

The safest drivers are in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where the average time between accidents is 13.8 years.

The average U.S. interval between accidents is 10 years.

Philadelphia drivers average 6.5 years between accidents (more than twice as often as Sioux Falls), ranking the city 190th overall.

Washington, D.C., ranked lower than Philly, but has a bit under 620,000 people.

Philly should note that Boston wasn't included, because All-State only started writing policies there a couple of a years ago, said All-State spokeswoman Julia Reusch.

That could threaten Philly's streak, since next year Boston should be included, she said.

And Bean Town usually gets even more ice and snow.

The study, which focused on city limits, not metro areas that might include suburbs, was based on the 10 million policies All-State writes nationwide.

Whether insurance fraud factors into the findings, Reusch didn't know.

"It's just not something that we take into consideration in this," she said.

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