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Posted: August 30, 2012

Heading off financial cliff

If The Inquirer's limited poll of just 601 voters is any indicator, Pennsylvanians are about to shoot themselves in the foot for another four years ("Obama holds 9-point lead," Sunday). We have a president who has dramatically increased our national debt, in essence borrowing from our children's future to secure his reelection. Also, on his watch, we have witnessed the first downgrading of our country's credit rating.

More than half of Americans pay no federal income tax. That means the rest of us - the 49 percent - are paying the full freight while the majority is on the dole. We are on a path to surpass Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and now France as our European socialist brethren careen off a financial cliff. If reelected, Obama will take us to $25 trillion in debt, and off that same bankrupt precipice.

If you value your limited income and last remaining assets, it's time to wake up, Pennsylvanians, before it's too late. Don't let The Inquirer's scare headline keep you from the polls on Election Day.

Theodore Roehrig, Newtown Square, realtedr@aol.com

Romney comment won't be forgotten

Mitt Romney's comment, "No one's ever asked to see my birth certificate; they know that this is the place that we were born and raised," is a chilling indictment of his judgment ("Romney: 'Birth' remark just a joke," Saturday). Romney's attempt at humor is divisive and offensive. How are fair and rational voters able to support this man as a viable presidential nominee?

Romney has proven during this campaign that he will use any tactic to garner votes. The lens through which I view these comments makes him appear insensitive and callous at best, but also across the line into "white privilege." Has he now joined the "birther movement"?

Indiscriminate comments such as these will be remembered as voters go to the polls in this 2012 election.

Gladys B. Hubbard, King of Prussia

The truth of tax returns

Income brackets mean little to the bottom line of taxes actually paid, but so be it. President Obama paid 23 percent and Mitt Romney 14 percent in 2010, but let's look a bit further.

Did you know that Romney paid about $3 million in taxes, compared with Obama paying $416,734? Did you know that Romney donated about 12 times more to charity than Obama did? I suppose the political commercial about Romney's foreign investments comes from the fact that he has a legitimate foreign tax credit on his 2010 tax return. But Obama has a foreign tax credit on his return too, and, as a percentage of total income, it was larger than Romney's. Where has Obama hidden his money overseas? The truth is that nothing is hidden if it is reported on a 1040. I easily found both tax returns online.

Robin Hood was not "taking from the rich to give to the poor." Robin Hood was taking from the Sheriff of Nottingham, who was overtaxing the citizens of his district. His government was spending way too much on itself and making its citizens poor.

Joanne Newnam, Washington Crossing, jonewnam56@newnamworld.com

GOP's day in court is coming

We need to take the Republican Party to moral court. The GOP would have you believe that the state of the union is solely the fault of President Obama. If the president were an emergency-room surgeon who saved a patient after a serious car accident, he would be hailed as a lifesaver. Would you blame the doctor because the patient required a lengthy and painful recovery? No, you would go after the person who caused the accident. If someone had stopped the Titanic from sinking and saved a thousand lives, he would be a hero. Would you go to the ship's owner or the previous captain for help and advice? No way. So what makes the GOP think we should look to it, the party that almost killed our country? The GOP's day in court is coming soon. I just hope that the jury can see the truth and do what is right and just.

Ed Truncale, Erial, etruncale@comcast.net

'Shovel ready' doesn't work anymore

The Obama administration's job-creation plan is simple: Take our tax dollars and give it to "shovel ready" projects to develop our infrastructure and employ millions. Simply put, that doesn't work anymore. When FDR was struggling to get the country out of the Depression, shovel-ready jobs actually used shovels and needed men to wield them. You could put millions to work swinging picks and throwing dirt to build roadways in the 1930s.

Today, a handful of huge machines and a few men take the place of tens of thousands of workers. There are claims that the $800 billion stimulus created four million jobs, which is $200,000 per job created. What happens when the projects are over? Unemployment?

This country needs modern job-creation methods to build sustainable, globally competitive companies that permanently employ hardworking Americans.

Mitch Kassouf, Collegeville

Democrats will save middle class

Robert W. Patterson suggests that the GOP adopt the following principles in order to appeal to the American middle class: reject libertarian economics; avoid radical changes to Medicare and Social Security; finance large infrastructure projects; pass laws to return manufacturing jobs to America; and tax dividends and capital gains as ordinary income ("Get the GOP back in touch," Sunday). These are all great ideas, but we already have a political party that espouses these principles: the Democratic Party. President Obama has clearly tried to implement all of these ideas, but he was stopped by a GOP-controlled House and by Republicans in the Senate.

It is no coincidence that the golden age of the middle class occurred during the 50 years from 1940 to 1990. Democrats controlled both houses of Congress for most of this period, and Congress supported labor unions, which were one of the primary driving forces behind the expansion of the middle class.

Patterson refers to Karl Rove's dream of a permanent Republican majority, but apparently fails to recognize that Rove's vision is for a government that serves the wealthy and corporate interests, who, in turn, fund and control the Republican Party. If Americans want to preserve and grow the middle class, they need to vote Democratic.

Donald Giorgione, Cherry Hill

Checking facts on Medicare plans

The letter "Medicare plan under scrutiny" (Sunday) says seniors would pay an extra $6,000 a year for Medicare under Paul Ryan's proposal. However, Factcheck.org., a project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania, said that estimate from the Congressional Budget Office was part of an older plan, but does not apply to Ryan's latest proposal.

Virginia Rossi, Ocean City

Terms of the abortion debate

I think we are on the wrong path when attempting to define rape as "legitimate" or "forcible" when it comes to determining a cause of pregnancy. Attempting to define the crime doesn't seem productive. How about using the term "involuntary pregnancy" instead? Surely no fair-minded person would object to a woman choosing her own course of action on an involuntary pregnancy, would he?

Arthur Goldfarb, Wynnewood

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