Adoption: Great way to get a pet

Posted: August 31, 2012

Thank you for printing the article regarding the rescued dogs from local shelters (Aug. 22). So many wonderful animals are available for adoption in this area and are waiting to be a part of a loving family. Remember, if you buy a dog from a breeder or a pet store, chances are one at a kill shelter will be put down. Am I preaching to the choir?

Lori F. Oakes


Let's help the police!

It seems that violence is rearing its ugly head throughout Philadelphia and the suburbs. Police from Marple to Lower Merion to Radnor and Philadelphia are experiencing more shootings and homicides in the last few years. The neighborhoods are overwhelmed with crime victims; this is a reason to demand an end to this madness by helping those in law enforcemen.

Why are criminals getting free passes to rob, rape, shoot, maim, hijack, assault and home-invade? Because the community outright refuses to provide police with vital information. Why are the police being blamed for the uptick in violent crime? They should be lauded for placing their lives on the line in exchange to protect our families and children.

We need friends of those in the law enforcement to step up with a dedicated effort.

C.B. Kimmins

Mantua Against Drugs Inc.

What made them kill?

The two killers who took Officer Walker's life on a street corner early one morning deserved to be removed from society for the safety of all. However, Mayor Nutter's proclamation that they should "rot in jail for the rest of their lives and then in hell after that" illuminates the callous, detached, head-in-the-sand, holier-than-thou, us-against-them, "final solution" mentality exhibited by an uninformed public and unexpected from a man in the position of mayor of a major American city.

These men didn't know their victim was a cop, any more than Mayor Nutter knows the demons and obstacles they encountered from their mother's womb to that muggy street corner.

Curtis Garner


Eye for an eye

With all the recent killings of Philadelphia police officers and the turmoil and heartbreak the families have suffered, what I don't understand is why these killers are not given the death penalty. If I was the wife or mother of a police officer and they were killed by these inhuman beings, I would want them to be sentenced to death and then that death penalty carried out and not to sit on death row for 25 years like Mumia. These cop killers are 100 percent guilty. Why should the taxpayers of Pennsylvania pay for their upkeep for the rest of their lives? They took a life and theirs should be taken as well and as swiftly as possible.

Cheryl Gilbert

Oaklyn, N.J.

The storm within

The storm inside the convention center in Tampa Bay on Tuesday night was greater than the storm outside as Hurricane Christie packed winds of nearly 100 mph.

Jim Acton

Collegeville, PA

Cartoon draws criticism

Another cretin cartoon from Joel Pett (Aug. 27)!

Obama has owned the moniker "Narcissus in the Hall of Mirrors" since it appeared on the internet in late 2007.

Georgia Makiver


Go back to the bacics

Re: "African Americans: Get responsible" (Marc Lamont Hill, Aug. 29).

I can't understand why the black community has such difficulty identifying and dealing with your biggest obstacle. Children need to be raised in a nurturing but strict home. We didn't have programs, city services, swimming pools, community centers etc., etc. when I grew up in Overbrook but I feared what my parents and neighbors would do to me if I got caught doing wrong. All the money and programs in the world ain't gonna help unless you go back to basics. It doesn't take a village to raise a child, it takes responsible adult parent(s)!

Vince Scarazza


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