'Conflict of interest' in DN news stories

Posted: September 05, 2012

IT MYSTIFIES ME that the Daily News can allow a staff member to run an online campaign to impeach Gov. Corbett and then assign that staffer to a news story on an administration policy.

How can a newspaper allow such an unmistakable conflict of interest?

Will Bunch has forfeited any claim to be taken seriously as an objective and disinterested observer on any matter connected with the Corbett administration. Simply put, Bunch has crossed the line between reporter and activist.

His dual and conflicting roles as a senior fellow at the pro-Occupy Wall Street Media Matters while also covering the Occupy movement was bad enough.

Now, while promoting a political challenge to the governor, Bunch is professing to report on administration efforts to reform the Chester Upland School District. That's entirely inappropriate.

The Daily News editors should, at the least, place a disclaimer on such stories so readers know the background.

Kevin Harley

Communications Director

Office of Gov. Tom Corbett

Hostile takeover

The Republicans, in my opinion, will stop at nothing to take over the White House. Let's look at their tactics.

First, why doesn't Romney disclose his tax returns? What is he hiding?

To change the atmosphere, they get a Republican judge in Pennsylvania to pass the ID-photo law - why this election? They didn't do that in other elections.

Take what Vice President Biden said about "chains" out of context; common sense should have told you he was referring to the banking institutions on Wall Street overturning the restrictions keeping Wall Street from making bold, bad decisions and losing your money.

Now they got the Navy SEALs who are Republicans turning against Obama, saying that he didn't kill Bin Laden. Of course he didn't, but he authorized the operation to go after him.

They're attacking the Medicare issue, putting confusion in the minds of seniors and hobnobbing with millionaires and billionaires in Vegas to ensure that they get big tax cuts. All I can say is, if you are blinded by all the lies they are saying, then God help you. If Romney becomes president, they don't care about you, the middle class, which will be no more. You will either be rich or poor, and that's the bottom line.

Juanita Lewis


God's on Scouts' side

It is in the motto of the Boy Scouts of America to honor God and their country. This organization has been formed with the law of God to do what is right and best for mankind.

It is not their intention to hurt, slander nor to destroy anyone, but to remain true to God. The true God of creation says that homosexuality is an abomination unto him.

Now, if one chooses to live a lifestyle that is contrary to what God says, then so be it, but let's not them expect to infect others with immorality and perniciousness.

Therefore, those who live an unnatural lifestyle want the Boy Scouts to allow for the induction of those openly homosexual into their organization. This I say to you: Why not consider why they do not allow this type of behavior - it goes back to the beginning (God)!

Geraldine Wooson


What's the big ID?

Well, it's about time voters have to show ID. Basically everywhere I go I show ID, so why not for voting, especially for the leader of our country? I'm very confused why some people are so upset. Oh, that's right - they won't be able to have dead people voting anymore.

Just go get an ID before November. What is the big thing, unless you have something to hide?

Janice Di Joseph


Barack-solid hate

For those that still believe in the false prophet Obama:

One of the first things he did when he took office was apologize to the whole world for America. He even despicably bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia and the emperor of Japan. He tried to tax and impose the government's influence on small business after promising not to raise taxes. He promised on more than one occasion to be transparent and televise the health-care debates on C-SPAN, and then held them behind closed doors.

He sent hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to foreign countries. He visited Chicago instead of Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day. He has golfed over a hundred times, not to mention the six vacations he took. His close friends are Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, Van Jones and many other radical anti-Americans. He continues to keep his school records hidden. Why? What is in them that is so bad?

Now he wants the government to "take over" all industries. If that isn't a Marxist agenda, then I don't know what is. You in the media have completely ignored that remark. Why? Answer me that! You foolish people that continue to support Mr. Obama will be the first to scream in agony when his true agenda hits you. Keep him in office and I guarantee that in four years you will think you are living in Venezuela. It is right before your eyes, America, open them! Unemployment has stalled at 8 percent - he promised it would go far below that. He is unconstitutionally imposing his health-care debacle on us. I don't care what the Supreme Court ruled - it is unconstitutional. Judge Roberts is a fool. Why doesn't this health-care "law" affect Obama, Pelosi and the rest of Congress? Why over 1,000 waivers to some?

Put down the Kool Aid, folks, and start researching the truth.

Pat Dougherty


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