Newspaper to Jets: Send in the clowns

Posted: September 06, 2012

WE HAVE always thought Jets coach Rex Ryan was a clown. Now, it seems, so does the New York Post.

The front page of Tuesday's edition featured an illustration of Ryan dressed like Bozo - he even has a bulbous red nose - while driving a clunker. To his right is Tim Tebow wearing a small Jets-green derby with a daisy sticking out the top and a polka-dot bow tie. To Ryan's left is Mark Sanchez wearing a hobo hat and a painted-on frown.

Next to the Jets jalopy is a shiny convertible sporting the New York Giants logo. That car is driven by Eli Manning looking cool in a suit and designer shades. Also in the car is a well-dressed Justin Tuck and two Super Bowl trophies.

Let the sideshow begin.

Potty mouth? Really?

Florida offensive coordinator Brent Pease apologized for the foul language he used - which was caught on camera - during the Gators' win over Bowling Green on Saturday.

"I probably got a little potty mouth. I apologize for that," Pease said. "I hear it more from my mom than anybody else.

"My mother said to be careful and I need to watch my mouth. I had my mouth washed out with soap when I was like 9. It's not going to happen now."

Don't empty that tub

The rest of the Clemson football team might want to convert to whatever religion wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins practices.

On Thursday, Hopkins was baptized in a large tub of water in front of his coaches and teammates after practice.

On Saturday, he caught a school-record 13 passes and scored a touchdown to lead Clemson over Auburn.

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