Fans: Vick, offense fail to make grade

Posted: September 10, 2012

Join the conversation after every Eagles game with the Daily News. Send reactions by email to:; use the hashtag #eaglesaftermath on Twitter; or visit the Daily News Facebook page and leave a comment. A sampling after Sunday's Eagles win:

IF YOU ADD 12 (penalties) plus 4 (interceptions) plus 1 (fumble) you get the perfect formula of how to give a 9-point underdog a chance. Defense played well. Worried about the clutchness of our kicker. Watch out 1972 Dolphins, for those keeping score at home, our own Iggles have now won 9 straight (including preseason).

- John Braithwaite


This team will go nowhere with Vick. 4 interceptions (2 which a high school QB would have known NOT to throw) and virtually NO audibles, it's clear Foles will be QBing this team before midseason. Vick simply cannot read defenses and has no field vision. Reid is also to blame . . . not running the ball to take advantage of a glaring weakness is unexcusable.

- Professor1982

I felt like I was watching a preseason game and I guess in reality it still was for Vick. He showed confidence, albeit his decision-making was often horrible. Fans may want to call for a change, but I can only imagine Vick improving as we go along. A win is a win at this point.

- Paul Groffie,

Marlton, N.J.

We played the one team in the NFL that we could beat if we play like this. Every former NFL coach just went to work on their résumé. Defense did look better, but that's not saying much.

- airbuzz

The Eagles' 2012 drama society opened the curtain today with a performance that had more comedy and tragedy than half of Shakespeare's early folios. Everyone says 8-8 is not "adequate" this year, but how about doing something about all those turnovers and stupid penalties caused from a lack of discipline? Who'da thought Juan Castillo's defense and Chas Henry's punting would help save the day?

- Mike Breggar,

Cherry Hill, N.J.

Time to go to Foles.

- Ed Gein

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