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Posted: September 12, 2012

I WOULD LIKE to make a few things clear to Steve Thompkins (letter, Sept. 7, "Does NRA have better ideas?"). Sandra Shea never claimed to be an expert. She was just giving her views on what she experienced.

For over 20 years I was a gun owner and I was a member of the NRA for approximately five years. I once loved to hunt and target-shoot, including trap and skeet, and I was good at it.

Then one day I found myself pressing the barrel of my husband's deer rifle against the head of a teenager who was threatening to break my husband's neck. You see, this kid tried to break into our home and my husband caught him and beat him to a pulp. He had no weapon but there was one problem: The kid was on PCP and was a maniac. I told him I would blow his brains all over the wall if he didn't let go of my husband. The young man let go, ran and was picked up later. I knew this kid. I counseled him at the California Youth Authority, where I was doing my internship for college. This incident devastated me so terribly, I never picked up another gun. This happened over 30 years ago, and I remember it like it was yesterday.

Have you ever had a loved one killed by gun violence? I have. All you so-called experts talk about law-abiding citizens who have the right to own guns. Well, research how many law-abiding citizens' guns have been stolen or taken from them in a robbery. Check out how many children of law-abiding people have either shot themselves or shot or killed someone else with their parents' legal guns. I have two acquaintances whose children killed their friends with their parents' legal guns. I watched a 10-year-old who went to gun-safety school so he could hunt with his dad some day, point a shotgun at his 2-year-old cousin and threaten to shoot her if she didn't do what he said.

So, please don't talk to me about guns. If you own guns for recreation, like hunting, that's all well and good. But no one needs an Uzi, rocket-launcher or any automatic weapon that is made for the sole purpose of killing humans. The NRA doesn't care about you or anyone else. My husband and I quit this disgusting organization because all they care about is your money and the power and control they wield over this country.

Carol Myers-Phipps


Too much information

This is a first for me to read an article about an officer of the law who was murdered, and the family's financial business is all out there ("City: Cop slain on duty," Daily News, Sept. 7).

We live in a city where people are being killed, homes are being invaded and people are getting kidnapped. Why would the Daily News put information out there to add danger to Officer Walker's family. I don't recall seeing any financial information put out there for the whole city to see about other officers of the law who were murdered. Another burden put on this family. Lord, help us all.

Linda J. Turner


Too much protest?

Christine Flowers' myopic view paints a black-and-white picture of her intolerance for a changing country ("Ladies who love their 'liberals,' " column, Sept. 7). I, too, was a conservative Republican for many years until life, education and exposure to diversified opinions opened me to a more humane and inclusive world.

I agree with Ms. Flowers that the personal behaviors of Sen. Kennedy and President Clinton are inexcusable. But life experience has taught me to take a more expanded view before "throwing out the baby with the bathwater."

Kennedy and Clinton have championed women where it has had the most impact and benefit for all women.

Lest Ms. Flowers forget, the GOP has had its share of scandals.

Romney and Ryan would turn back the progress and equality of women for decades, but Ms. Flowers doesn't seem to have a problem with that. Maybe she should relinquish her space in the Daily News and return barefoot to the kitchen, where her GOP leaders think women belong.

Never has the choice for women been so clear. We liberals welcome you to join us, Ms. Flowers, if you care to give up your archaic views and embrace your womanhood.

Could your extreme distaste for Sen. Kennedy and President Clinton actually be revealing a penchant for naughty boys? You protest too much!

Dorothy Li Calzi


What we fought for

As a veteran of the Vietnam War, I think about the men and women who were wounded and killed in that conflict. They were sent there so the South Vietnamese people could have a right to choose their government.

American troops were sent to South Korea so the people of South Korea could have a right to choose their government, and many Americans lost their lives.

Men and women gave up their lives in World War II so half of the world did not have to live under a Nazi dictatorship. Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are making sacrifices today.

Our men and women fought these wars so people would have rights to vote for the leaders of their choice. So why are some officials trying to deny American citizens the right to vote by placing obstacles in their way?

The right to vote shouldn't be about political beliefs. It should be about the rights of every American citizen to vote for their choice. The veterans who gave their lives didn't make that sacrifice so citizens of the United States of America would be denied their rights to vote. When the voice of the people is silenced, there is no democracy.

Jim Oliver


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