Dear Abby: Granda can't get excited about a wedding after years of premaritalsex

Posted: September 14, 2012

DEAR ABBY: My daughter is annoyed with me because I'm not jumping up and down with joy over my grandson's forthcoming wedding.

Yes, I am happy they're getting married, but how excited can I get? The two have been sexually involved since they met in high school four years ago. She was 16; he was 17.

For the past two years, he and his girlfriend have shared an apartment and lived as man and wife. The bride-to-be's parents are not exactly thrilled either at the expense of a white gown and a few hundred chicken dinners, hall and band. However, my daughter insists on it and wants everybody to get excited.

OK - so I'm excited. Whoopee.

- Granny Mae

DEAR GRANNY MAE: You are focusing on the wrong thing.

Your grandson and his fiancée care enough about each other to commit, in a public ceremony, to spending their lives together. That's a positive step that deserves to be celebrated.

Whether you or I approve of couples living together is beside the point. They are adults and it was their choice.

Be happy that they are now tying the knot to bind themselves together in a more permanent union.

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