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Workers at the White House after lowering the flag to half staff in honor of Christopher Stevens.
Workers at the White House after lowering the flag to half staff in honor of Christopher Stevens. (EVAN VUCCI / Associated Press)
Posted: September 14, 2012

Another reminder of barbarism

The savage murders of the U.S. embassy staff in Libya, on the anniversary of 9/11, are yet one more reminder of the barbarism inherent in Islamic fundamentalism ("Outrage, questions follow Libya attack," Thursday). Only months after Americans supported the Libyan people in deposing their despotic dictator, this is their response.

We are often reminded that Islamophobia is irrational. But if we must fear for our lives when this religion is criticized, those concerns are not only rational, but necessary. We are told that Islam is a religion of peace. Yet, daily, we observe atrocities committed across the globe in the name of Islam. So-called moderate Muslims will not combat this perversion of their own religion. Instead, many issue complaints about perceived insults and demand apologies for the anger that is rightly felt by all Americans.

The time is well past for our government to realize the futility in wasting aid dollars on these duplicitous nations.

Bill Johnston, Cheyney

Western nations should respond

Until proper action is taken by the governments of Egypt and Libya, the country that our Air Force helped liberate, all civilized Western nations should remove their diplomatic personnel from those countries. In addition, they should halt any and all financial aid.

Ken Davis, Elkins Park

Lapse in security

Where were the Marine guards? If there were none assigned to this consulate facility, the person responsible for this lapse in security should be fired and an immediate evaluation of the posting of Marines should be undertaken. Whether or not Marines would have been a deterrent or could have beaten back the attack will never be known, but not having them at the facility was a huge mistake, paid for in blood by four Americans.

Timothy W. Byrne, Wayne

Campaigning after attacks

A U.S. ambassador and three other State Department personnel are killed in Libyan rioting. An embassy in Egypt is attacked and the U.S. flag is burned and replaced by the flag of Islamic extremists. The next day, the U.S. embassy in Yemen is under attack by angry Islamists, and a cautious warning is issued that tensions are rising throughout the Mideast.

On Sept. 11, 2001, after President George W. Bush was advised of the attacks on the World Trade Center, he continued for a short period of time to read to kindergarten students, for which he was viciously criticized. Today, with events rapidly unfolding across the Mideast, events for which we should have been better prepared, where is President Obama? Off on a campaign tour of Western states. One can only imagine the headlines if Bush were still in office.

Phillip Remstein, King of Prussia

Differing views of religion

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that the so-called offensive video was just an excuse for the terrorists to attack our embassies and for the cowardly slaughter of unarmed Americans.

The terrorists' view of their religion is significantly different from Christian and Jewish religions. After all, we didn't riot and attack the Democratic convention when the party dropped from its platform a reference to God and declined to name Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. They were eventually included, after three floor votes and despite much opposition.

Bill Lee, Ocean View Del.

Facts are irrelevant

Trudy Rubin's commentary on the violence in Libya and Egypt expresses my sentiments accurately, with one caveat ("What U.S. leaders must do to answer the violence," Thursday). The people in these countries hate us. They hate all non-Muslims. I remember an interview that columnist Tom Friedman did after 9/11 with a group of educated Middle Easterners. They all believed that 9/11 was the result of an Israeli plot. The facts were irrelevant. The important thing is what they believe, regardless of fact-based content.

Andrew J. Anderson, Marlton

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