Snarling Bulldogs set to attack Vandy

Posted: September 21, 2012

AS SEC football games go, Georgia-Vanderbilt doesn't necessarily inspire visions of BCS bowls. But that's not to say there won't be fireworks on Saturday.

Vanderbilt has been the doormat of the league for some time. Last year, the Commodores nearly stunned Georgia before falling late. Afterward, Vandy coach James Franklin had an apparent altercation with a Georgia player that led Georgia assistant Todd Grantham to step toward Franklin. Quite messy.

Georgia is a customary two-touchdown favorite and is very interested in showing its displeasure for how things dissolved in Nashville last season.

"We'll be charged up," said Bulldogs defensive back Sanders Commings. "We remember last year. Vandy's a good team, but they're not us. We're going to show them."

Franklin was asked if he and Grantham have had any contact since last season's contest.

"Yeah, actually our families went on vacation together. Disney World," he said. "We were floating in the pool together, drinking mai tais."

Just win, maybe

Five NFL quarterbacks have thrown at least four interceptions through the first two games: Michael Vick (six), Jay Cutler (five), Brandon Weeden, Matthew Stafford and Drew Brees (four each). Vick is 2-0. The teams for the other four guys are a combined 2-6.

Evil computer

One last gem from the Steve Sabol file. In 1989, Sabol and his NFL Films crew, using the results of a computer program, put together a fictitious tournament to decide the greatest team in NFL history. It ran on ESPN and his intention was to have fun, but the effect was similar to Ben Gay in a jockstrap.

As teams lost, Sabol was excoriated. Legendary lineman Gene Upshaw even grabbed Sabol by the lapels when the Raiders were eliminated.

"I've spent 27 years in this business, building friendships," Sabol said amid the furor, "and half of them are down the tube and most of the rest are going to follow. They're blaming me for what the computer did."

Eventually, the 1978 Steelers beat the 1972 Dolphins when Franco Harris scored a touchdown with 3 seconds left to earn greatest ever.

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