Letters: Leaders fail, so citizens step in

Posted: September 24, 2012

I AM A RESIDENT of California and just read the article on Ori Feibush ("Lot of Trouble, Sept. 14). I have never, in my 53 years on earth, submitted any feedback about any of the other ridiculous situations that I have read or heard about. For some reason, this one pushed my tolerance over the edge.

Reality check: The city didn't do anything. Citizens of this country will continue to take things into their own hands; last I understood, this was still our country and we still had rights! The politicians of your state, my state and most every other state of this wonderful country are not hearing or respecting its citizens. And enough is enough! Civil action, whether percieved as "rebellious" or not, is a direct result of governing communities not being responsible in their commitments to their citizens. Ori Feibush, who had to view the "trash pit" everyday, went above and beyond in his attempts to communicate the matter legally and responsibly to the city, before making a decision to take care of the matter! All of which was done at Mr. Feibush's time and expense of $20,000. (I am curious what it would have cost the city.) So, this action on the part of the city officials toward Mr. Feibush is a continued reminder of the level of immaturity, incompetence, and selfishness of those persons elected into governing postions that commit to serve "We the people of the United States." It is all about accountability, so it would serve all of the individuals who now have the time, energy and monies to take action against Mr. Feibush, to take a good, long look in the mirror.

Pat Onsurez

Visalia, CA

Eagles' unkindest cut

I attended the Eagles-Ravens game and had a 2-inch, $100 penknife that I always carry confiscated by security. I have a simple philosophy: People should be held accountable for what they do, not what they might do. It is absurd to take my little 2-inch knife and open the gates to a bunch of drunks - drunks that are far more likely to toss someone over the edge of a deck to their death than I am to hurt someone with my tiny knife. And no drunks should not be banned either for what they might do, they should be charged with a crime if they commit a crime. And a crime is actual harm to another person. I categorically reject the right of anyone to treat me as a criminal when I have done nothing to harm anyone, and every free man should reject such arbitrary and capricious treatment. I will never attend another Eagles game. The shame of it is my protest won't matter. Enough sheep and complacent people will accept this un-American treatment - in fact, virtually everyone will - that this kind of invasion of person and privacy will continue unabated in the country I no longer recognize. A country of passive sheep and cowards that would rather feel safe than free. The founders risked everything for freedom - their descendants don't deserve their legacy.

Paul Lowe

Annapolis, Md.

Let's hear it for Joe!

Smokin' Joe Frazier was not only was a great fighter, but a real gentleman. Joe would go to shop on East Passyunk Avenue, and anyone who called out his name, he'd always stop, smile and say hello.

We met back in 1971, when I worked in the D.A.'s office.

The police and firemen had their own ward at Philadephia General Hospital. A few of them had cancer. I felt bad for all the men, so I thought it would be nice if I could get celebrities to visit the men. The first to say "yes" was Joe. Not only did he come the next day, but Joe came with three full boxes of books; he signed every one of them. That opened the door for a lot of movie, baseball and TV stars to visit the men.

Joe never looked at a person's skin color. Joe, you will never lose another fight because you have God in your corner. R.I.P.

Joe Ricci


Obama's turn for P. 1

I happened to see your cover today ("Mitt vs. Moochers," Sept. 19). Of course, it was a slam against Mitt Romney. Will you do the same for Mr. Obama? How about how you let your naive readers know about his redistribution wishes? Remind them of all his apologies for America. Remind them of his past, and present, pals. Oh, and also remind them that there are more rich Democrats than rich Republicans in Congress. There are plenty of rich Democrats in America. Pelosi, Reid, Obama, to name just a few. I read a snippet about newspaper revenue from advertising is way down. Oh, you'll blame the Internet, of course. You liberals are good at blaming others for your failings. Wake up and start telling the truth! Maybe your readership will return. Everything Mr. Romney said was true. This country has become a "gimme" country. Mr. Obama is taking us down the same road as Europe. That is working out well, isn't it?

Pat Dougherty


Nothing for veterans?

Thanks, Pat Toomey.

You vote against the Veterans Job Corp Bill in the Senate, killing it in its tracks, because you think it may help President Obama come November. Are you kidding me? Where's the unwavering support for our troops that you claim to have? This is why it is important to vote in non-presidential elections because, when you don't, hard-core freaks like Pat Toomey sneak in. I bet Joe Sestak would have voted for this bill, no ifs ands or buts. Shame on you Pat Toomey!

Jay Seither

Warminster, Pa.

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