Tattle: Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong off to rehab

Kat Dennings walks the red carpet at Sunday's Emmy Awards.
Kat Dennings walks the red carpet at Sunday's Emmy Awards. (PHOTOS: GETTY IMAGES)
Posted: September 25, 2012

GREEN DAY'S Billie Joe Armstrong is having a typical 21st Century Breakdown - he's off to rehab.

Sunday's announcement by the band's rep comes after the spiky-haired frontman had a meltdown onstage at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas on Friday. As Green Day was wrapping up its performance, Armstrong profanely complained that the band's time was being cut short.

"One minute left, one minute [expletive] left. You're gonna give me (expletive) one minute? . . . I'm not [expletive] Justin Bieber, you [expletives]!" he yelled (although Bieber was not part of the night's festivities).

Armstrong smashed his guitar before leaving the stage.

In a statement to the Associated Press, Green Day apologized "to those they offended at the iHeartRadio Festival" and said its set was not cut short by host Clear Channel.

With Armstrong away, Green Day is canceling some of its promotional appearances for the album "Uno," due Tuesday. It's the first in a trilogy; the second is to be out in November and the last in January. The band is due to kick off a nationwide tour Nov. 26 in Seattle.

But first Armstrong must kick something else.

He was hospitalized in early September in Bologna, Italy, for an undisclosed ailment, but recovered to perform at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sept. 6. The band also completed a few other September performances, including "Good Morning America."

It is unclear what Armstrong is receiving treatment for. He was arrested for DUI in 2003 and has acknowledged in the past taking various drugs but has said he now avoids them.

Trickle-down economics

Brooke Astor, the immaculately dressed grande dame of New York City until hear death in 2007 at the age of 105, is having Sotheby's host her estate sale.

Sotheby's is offering the contents of both her 14-room duplex on Park Avenue and her country estate, Holly Hill, in Briarcliff Manor, N.Y., - 901 objects in all, including European and Asian furnishings, Old Masters, Qing Dynasty paintings, tea sets, silverware, jewelry, a porcelain menagerie, more than 100 dog paintings and even the uniforms of her domestic staff - at a two-day auction on Monday and Tuesday.

What kind of kinky fetish is it to want to dress like Brooke Astor's maid?

In keeping with her wishes and life's motto that "money is like manure; it should be spread around," proceeds from the sale will go to the institutions and causes she supported - the New York Public Library, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Bronx Zoo, Central Park, the Animal Medical Center of New York, New York City's public schools and charities in Maine.

The auction is expected to fetch a total of $6 million to $9 million.

It comes after a nasty family feud involving her only son, Anthony Marshall. The five-year dispute ended in March with a settlement that freed $100 million for her charities and cut by more than half that sum going to Marshall, who was convicted of taking advantage of his mother's dementia, partly by engineering changes to her will.

Marshall, now 88, of course has appealed.


Bruce Springsteen celebrated his 63rd birthday onstage in New Jersey until nearly 2 a.m. Sunday, and who was on stage with him?

His mother.

Adele Springsteen danced and sang background to "Twist and Shout," walking offstage with her son and his band at nearly 2. Her only concession to age was a pair of hastily made earplugs.

* Fans rioted outside a free concert hosted by MTV at a Madrid theater early Saturday after they were denied entry because the venue was full, officials said. About 60 people sustained minor injuries, and 11 others were arrested.

MTV said a second free concert planned for Saturday night with a lineup of Spanish pop-music acts would go ahead as planned "in agreement with local police who have volunteered to provide additional security."

Yoko Ono and Amnesty International awarded the Russian punk band Pussy Riot this year's LennonOno Grant for Peace.

Ono presented the award to Pyotr Verzilov, husband of Nadia Tolokonnikova - one of three imprisoned members of Pussy Riot sentenced in August to two years in prison for performing an irreverent song mocking Russian President Vladimir Putin inside Moscow's main cathedral.

"It's a terrible thing that all three girls have been jailed for not doing anything wrong. They were just standing for freedom of speech," Ono said at a ceremony in New York City.

Verzilov thanked Ono, saying the grant increased international pressure on Russian authorities to release the women.

The LennonOno Grant for Peace is given every two years to honor Yoko's late husband J ohn Lennon's dedication to peace and human rights.

Helen Mirren will again play Queen Elizabeth II in "The Audience," a new play that imagines the monarch's relationship with 60 years of British prime ministers.

Mirren won an Academy Award in 2007 for her performance as the British monarch in "The Queen," a drama about the aftermath of the death of Princess Diana.

Like "The Queen," "The Audience" was written by Peter Morgan. The show is being directed by Stephen Daldry ("Billy Elliot").

* Local gal Kat Dennings ("Two Broke Girls") on her fears of a wardrobe malfunction while on the red carpet at Sunday night's Emmy Awards:

"Very nervous. If I stand up too straight, there's a possibility. So if I hunch, that's why. It's not because I have terrible posture, it's from fear of things coming out."

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