Letters: Letter: "Real refs" wear the union label

Posted: September 26, 2012

COMMISSIONER Roger Goodell and the National Football League brass are under fire by sportswriters and fans alike for the wretched officiating being perpetrated by so-called "replacement officials" or, as they're better known in the union movement, "scabs." Yet, I wonder how many people who are screaming to bring back the "real refs" at any cost also harbor anti-union sentiments - and miss the irony altogether. A few weeks before the NFL exhibition season began, the replacement refs were toiling away at their real jobs as insurance agents, salesmen, IT techs, etc. It's not really their fault that they're so inept; they simply lack the extensive training, education and experience of the unionized referees. And that is the union advantage, plain and simple. It's time to bring the good union guys back and protect the integrity of the game so many love before any more embarrassments occur. Build union. Buy American. Hike!

John J. Dougherty

Business manager,IBEW Local 98

Brotherly love, indeed

Of man and dog, Stu Bykofsky ( Daily News, Sept. 17) wrote:

"So the 'mayor' and the 'lion of God' hang out in Rittenhouse Square, enjoying the serenity, hoping for something to happen."

Hope springs eternal, as the saying goes. Waiting for anyone in the "City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection" to actually care one whit about the lives of the less-fortunate, walking among us in plain sight, is an exercise in futility and an insurmountable Sisyphean frustration.

Our far-too-common mantra in the USA is this: "Me first. Everyone else, never."

Americans seem unwilling to understand the fundamental principle upon which our social compact exists.

We have no rights or freedoms, unless we are willing to protect our neighbors' rights and freedoms before our own. None of us can defend ourselves, all by ourselves.

Protecting ourselves requires the exercise of backbone. We are so afraid of our own shadows, we refuse to look outside our front doors to see our neighbors' struggles for fear that what is theirs will soon be ours. Six million died in Europe, because backbones went limp and lips remained silent. Our doorsteps are disguised minefields. Myopia is suicidal.

Joan Lichtman


Neglecting our friend

I am 71 years old and the United States has been allies - friends - with Israel as long as I can remember. Iran is on the verge of building and using a bomb. It can reach Israel with ease; Israel needs our help and Obama won't give it to them. Like people are saying, Obama would rather appear on the Dave Letterman show - in other words, he would drum up votes for himself. Obama is all for himself to get elected. I do not respect or want a president like that - "no guts, no glory." We need a president with guts; so far we have not one.

I was in the Army and we just missed Berlin, then Cuba. I was scared but went anyway. We had to go, and went. Obama's theory is, he has only seven weeks to go before Romney takes over, so let Romney make the decision. Hell of a way to think - is it the truth?

I just hope things get straightened out and war is averted, but it does not look so.

George Walton

Upper Darby

No jobs for veterans?

Why would our patriotic senator Pat Toomey vote against the Veterans Job Corps bill? After all, he helped to write the bill. Doesn't Pat want our heroes to get jobs now that their service is behind them? Possibly when they get hungry enough, the vets may re-enlist. They might go off to fight another war for democracy in the Middle East. Think of the profits that could be made fighting for democracy in Syria. Not only that, but they would also be protecting democracy and those $4-a-gallon gas prices in democratic Iraq. Also down the road, these vets will not be able to get proper ID's in Pennsylvania to vote against Pat when he runs for re-election. Brilliant, Pat, brilliant. After all, they'll blame Obama for high unemployment.

Herb Zimmerman


What he meant to say

Why does Mitt Romney keep explaining what he meant to say, as opposed to what he did say? Is this what we really want on the international stage, a bumbling, apologetic "Mitt the Twit," as our closest allies call him already?

David Morton


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