Eagles Notes: Maclin expected back for Eagles; Dorenbos questionable

DeSean Jackson (getting treatment from Eagles trainer Rick Burkholder) made two questionable plays.
DeSean Jackson (getting treatment from Eagles trainer Rick Burkholder) made two questionable plays. (RON CORTES / Staff)
Posted: September 26, 2012

The Eagles missed Jeremy Maclin in Sunday's 27-6 loss to the Arizona Cardinals, but the talented wide receiver is expected to return this week from his hip injury, coach Andy Reid said Monday.

A new injury to watch this week is long snapper Jon Dorenbos' high ankle sprain. Reid said the Eagles will monitor Dorenbos' injury in the coming days because there are different degrees of high ankle sprains. If the sprain requires Dorenbos to sit for a few weeks, the Eagles will need to make a roster move.

Linebacker Akeem Jordan has a hamstring strain, and Fletcher Cox experienced migraines. Wide receiver Riley Cooper, who has not played this season with a broken collarbone, underwent an examination Monday. Tackle King Dunlap is not ready to return from a hamstring strain.

Jackson's blunders

DeSean Jackson came under scrutiny for two plays in Sunday's game. One was a second-quarter pass when Jackson complained about pass interference while the ball was in the air, not finishing his route and missing any chance to catch the pass. The other was when he fell to the ground 1 yard shy of the end zone in the second quarter.

"I'm not sitting here making excuses for either one, but there's a bit of contact that took place," Reid said.

Reid believed that Jackson had reason to be agitated on the deep pass. He also said last week that he did not want his players to become concerned with the replacement officials and he did not want to comment on the officiating, either.

"You'd like to see that as long as somebody's not grabbing him," Reid said of Jackson's finishing his route.

Regarding the play when Jackson fell 1 yard short of the end zone, Reid said he was pleased that Jackson made the catch.

Touchdown or field goal?

Reid explained his motivation of trying to score seven points from the 1-yard line with six seconds remaining in the second quarter on a play that turned out to be a Michael Vick fumble returned by the Cardinals for a touchdown. The Eagles had no timeouts and they could have settled for the field goal.

"I thought we could get one into the end zone," Reid said. "You're sitting on the 1-yard line, so we started the thing with 16 seconds [and] I figured we'd get our full downs in and shooting it in the end zone. Now it has to come out quick and so on, but those were the calls that were made. Then, if that didn't work, you'd kick the field goal."

Wasted timeout

On the first play of the second quarter, the Eagles wasted a timeout that could have been useful at the end of the half. Asked whether the play took too long to come in from the coaches or whether Vick took too long to make the snap, Reid said, "a little bit of both."

"They showed blitz and we were making a check there," Reid said. "The clock ran down and we needed a timeout."

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