Posted: September 30, 2012

The voters speak

Of course the legends come first. Steve Carlton and Mike Schmidt. Some people would say popular figures like Tug McGraw and maybe John Kruk. The present-day face would be Chase Utley, because people think he's a hard-nosed player, which fits the Philly image.



The big difference between Schmidt and Ryan Howard [who pulled just 2.5% of the vote] was that Schmidt was an excellent defensive player at third, but also made adjustments as a hitter. Schmidt struck out a lot, but nowhere near as much as Howard. Schmidt had a great eye at the plate and earned a ton of walks.



In the current day and time, the very good-looking mug of Cole Hamels rates as any marketing man's dream. Been-there, done-that resume with the expectations for greater success to come.

The other star types who have served the club as heroes are already in that transitional mode in their careers. Cole still represents youth - the direction this club must entertain going into 2013.



All of the choices are polarizing except the Phanatic. That's why I voted for him.

EL Zorro, Philly.com/Sports

Come on. Everybody knows Chris "Wheels" Wheeler is the face of the Phillies. If you don't believe me, just ask him.

Wilhelm Von Humboldt


Great sports debate

("What is a sport?" Sept. 23)

Golf and tennis are not sports. Any competition that has to be played in complete silence is not a sport. It's a game.

Golf and tennis are games. Games that require a huge amount of skill to play well. But games nevertheless.

Why can't I heckle Tiger Woods on 18 at Augusta? Mostly because I can't get in. But I think you get my point.



My daughters both play ice hockey. They laugh at girls who call cheerleading a sport. I do too.



Kolb vs. Vick

("One of Reid's toughest

calls: Vick over Kolb," Sept. 23)

For crying out loud, enough with this Kevin Kolb comparison nonsense.

Michael Vick is with the Eagles because it was one of the few places the NFL could have seen Vick return without any consequence at the box office. That's Philadelphia, with a 50,000-person waiting list for season tickets.

They were right, it was a good bet, and despite what any of you think or believe, the NFL and the Eagles have profited rather handsomely from Vick's return.



Why write this story? The quarterback makes no difference if the coaching philosophy stays the same. Andy Reid is making the same mistakes for the past 14 years, and you want to talk about the QB?



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