Inside job: Woman allegedly stashes crack for her boo

Posted: October 03, 2012


A Philadelphia woman was hiding 36 vials of crack in her vagina when she and her boyfriend were busted for trying to sell the drug at an Upper Darby Wawa on Saturday, police said.

Shortly before 5 a.m., a man in his 40s from Sicklerville, N.J., was at the Wawa on 69th Street near Patterson Avenue when he tried to buy crack from Marcus Gibson, 23, and his girlfriend, Ashley Bellamy, 22, who were in a black GMC Yukon, said Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood.

When the buyer approached Gibson's window with $50, Gibson pulled out a gun and demanded that he go back in the store to get more cash, Chitwood said. The man did go back inside, but he called police and reported a man with a gun in the parking lot.

When police showed up and removed Bellamy from the car, they noticed she was "walking funny," as if she was carrying something between her legs, Chitwood said.

A female officer was called to the scene to conduct a search, but before she could, Bellamy admitted she was hiding something.

"The woman says, 'I have crack up in my vagina,' and she pushed out 36 vials of crack cocaine that were in a bag," Chitwood said.

Gibson said that the drugs were his and that he had asked his girlfriend to conceal them when cops arrived, police said.

"It's true love in the 'hood," Chitwood said. "Thank God the lady didn't have a snake or a crocodile, or we'd really have been in trouble."

Bellamy and Gibson, both of Philadelphia, were charged with possession with the intent to deliver and related offenses. Although police did recover the drugs, they never recovered the gun. Chitwood declined to speculate on where it might be hiding.

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