Sideshow: Hamels among 25 'Baseball Hotties'

Among other slugmuffins on Louisville Slugger's Hottie Hall of Fame are Ted Williams (left) of the Red Sox and Charlie Keller of the Yankees in 1946. Fans can vote for their favorites.
Among other slugmuffins on Louisville Slugger's Hottie Hall of Fame are Ted Williams (left) of the Red Sox and Charlie Keller of the Yankees in 1946. Fans can vote for their favorites. (AP)
Posted: October 04, 2012

Come on, you know it: Cole Hamels is, like, hot. Lots of people think so besides you, OK? We are big phans of the Phillies pitching maestro. . . . We're also ROFL at the Hotties Hall of Fame at the Louisville Slugger Museum in Louisville, Ky. An exhibition there now is titled "Baseball Hotties: Studs We Love," featuring Cole among 24 other Hottie Hall of Fame studmuffins. Ted Williams in a towel! Jim Palmer in his Supermen! Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez without their shirts on! Hormonal rage! Sizzling baseball pectorals and cruelly cut biceptuality! Fans can vote for their favorites at . Stuff it for Cole, yo! We do love you, Cole. We hope you get in.

Roberts recuperates, tweets

And we're rooting for you, Robin Roberts. The Good Morning America host, suffering from myelodisplastic syndrome, received a bone-marrow transplant from sister Sally Ann 12 days ago, and is at Hackensack University Medical Center, recuperating in isolation to guard against infection. She's been on Twitter, though, asking followers for music suggestions to pass the time. "I'm doing well, receiving excellent care," she tweets. "Now we wait . . . and pray."

Olivia and John reunited!

John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, 35 years after Grease, have gotten back together for a holiday album of duets. Their smash hit "You're the One That I Want" ("oo-hoo-hoo, honey") is now the best-selling duet ever, so, hey, here's This Christmas. Their star pals help, as in Barbra Streisand ("I'll Be Home for Christmas"), Tony Bennett and the Count Basie Orchestra ("Winter Wonderland"), James Taylor ("Deck the Halls"), Chick Corea (on the title track, Donny Hathaway's wonderful "This Christmas"), Kenny G ("Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree"), and Cliff Richard ("Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"). All for good causes: the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Center in Melbourne, Australia, and the Jett Travolta Foundation, established in the name of John's son, for children with autism and special needs.

Bodies of all types: Good

Old news but worth revisiting: On Sept. 25, Lady Gaga struck back against those who want all women to be stick figures. After some pooparazzi noted a weight gain, she posted on her site,, side, frontal, and backal photos of herself in her undies. The captions tell the tale: "Bulimia and anorexia since I was 15" and "But today I join the BODY REVOLUTION" and "To Inspire Bravery." She invites others to post their own brave photos, and quite a few have. She credits her 25 new pounds to her dad's restaurant. Thing is, the photos show a perfectly OK person. They're a strike against ridiculous expectations of womanliness. Once again, Gaga shows she has more to her, brainwise, than some think.

. . . And then there's . . .

Rumors scorch the air: a new Justin Timberlake album, which would be the first since 2006's ludicrously titled and ludicrously successful FutureSex/LoveSound. Confirmation there is none. . . . Mop your brows, world: Nadya "Octomom" Suleman has finally found a place for herself and her brood, a huge house in Palmdale, Calif., rent to be paid with her porn paychecks! A previous rental fell through, and she had gotten foreclosed on and refused and - anyway, happy housewarming to her and her 14 kids. . . . Shakira has announced that the child she is carrying by bf Gerard Piqué is a niño. . . . Following ominous comments at a Central Park gig, Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters confirms by public missive that the band is stopping out for a bit. It's "a good thing for all of us to go away for a while," he writes. ". . . I never want to NOT be in this band. So, sometimes it's good to just . . . put it back in the garage for a while."      . . . Selena Gomez has had the Roman numerals LXXVI (for 76, dummy) tattooed onto the back of her neck. It's in honor, we're told, of a beloved family member. Roman-numeral tats have taken over the universe, led, as usual, by attention-sucking celebs. On one shoulder, Rihanna has XI IV LXXXVI, for the birthday of her best friend, Melissa Forde. Aw. David Beckham has VII, for his old Manchester United No. 7, on the underside of his right arm. Splendid Beyoncé Knowles and hubster Jay-Z both reportedly have IV someplace on 'em, for their May 4 wedding day. Miley Cyrus messed it up: her VIIXCI didn't mean nothin', so she had to have it redone.

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