‘There is blood everywhere,’ wife cries on 911 tape

Parth Arunkumar Ingle, 22, leaves his arraignment in Delaware County on Dec. 1, 2008.
Parth Arunkumar Ingle, 22, leaves his arraignment in Delaware County on Dec. 1, 2008. (DAVE SCHLOTT / For the Daily News, file)
Posted: October 05, 2012

A dramatic 911 call made just after a woman found her husband slain in his bedroom at their Middletown Township home was played today in a Delaware County courtroom during a pretrial hearing.

A distraught Bhavnaben Ingle - who is now charged in the killing - could be heard screaming as 911 operators tried vainly to calm her.

"There is blood everywhere," she cried. "I've just seen his face and there is lots of blood."

Ingle, 52, and her son, Parth Ingle, are awaiting trial for the 2008 murder of Arunkumar Ingle. He had multiple stab wounds and his testicles were badly bruised, according to police.

The case has seen a number of twists and turns.

The 55-year-old Boeing engineer was having an affair with a Russian woman he met on the Internet. He planned to obtain phony passports, fake his own death and move to India with the other woman.

His plan was to leave behind $3.6 million in insurance policies for his wife and children.

Anna Sudakevich, of Philadelphia, testified she did not learn the victim was married until Parth Ingle came to her house looking for his father.

Prosecutors said financial gain and retribution were the motives for the brutal killing. Parth Ingle owed about $43,000 in debt.

Parth Ingle and his sister Avnee Ingle, 28, were tried in 2011 for installing the spyware e-Blaster on the family computer to capture their father's passwords in an attempt to keep the family together. Parth Ingle secretly put a GPS tracking device on his father's car. He was found guilty; his sister acquitted.

Prosecutors have attempted to have Parth Ingle's attorney, John Kusturiss, removed from the case. Kusturiss has known the defendant for a number of years. Parth Ingle is a close friend of the lawyer's son.

In court on Thursday, Bhavnaben Ingle sobbed as the three to four minute 911 tape was played. Parth Ingle looked down at the floor.

Operators asked if Bahavnaban was the victim's wife, if she knew of weapons in the house and if she knew what happened.

"I don't know, I didn't spend much time in there," she cried on the phone. "I just came out."

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