Curses and support for student punished for Romney T-shirt

Posted: October 07, 2012

RICH AND KRISTINE Pawlucy heard the crude words, heard 'em loud and clear as they stood outside their daughter's school.

"F--- you!"

"You suck!"

The foul language spilled from the mouths of a handful of students who crowded near windows at Charles Carroll High School Friday morning, moments after the Pawlucy family filed a complaint on behalf of their daughter, Samantha, who was kicked out of her geometry class on Sept. 28 for wearing a "Romney/Ryan" T-shirt.

Samantha Pawlucy, 16, said she had been scolded by her teacher for "wearing a Republican shirt" in a "Democratic school" on a dress-down day.

The teacher, whom the Inquirer identified as Lynette Gaymon, has been removed from her post, and the school district is investigating what happened.

The incident made national headlines, but also turned Samantha's life into a living hell.

Kristine Pawlucy said her daughter is getting taunted and threatened by fellow students on Facebook, and is worried about what will happen when the sophomore returns to school on Tuesday.

School officials told Samantha's parents on Friday that students wouldn't bother her when she returns to class.

"Fifteen minutes later, we were outside, and [the students] started cursing us and giving us the finger," said Rich Pawlucy.

The school's principal, Joyce Hoog, did not respond to a request for comment.

"I want her to come back and stand up for what's right," Kristine added, "but I'm afraid she'll be physically assaulted."

The family received some unexpected support from retired Marine Richard Junod, 71, who was among a handful of people who gathered in front of the school Friday in a show of solidarity for Samantha.

"I'll be back here on Tuesday if she decides to go to school," said Junod, of Somerton. "I hope she comes back."

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